How to Take Bets as a Bookie

Taking Bets as a Bookie is Not What it Seems Are you planning to start a sportsbook and take bets as a bookie? You don’t know how to go about it, but this article will put you well on your way? The first step is to create a budget covering license fees, software and hardware […]

Must-Know PayPerHead (PPH) Info

Knowing your PayPerHead (PPH) is Paramount to Success PayPerHead (PPH) sportsbooks offer bookies amazing services. Their popularity has rapidly grown globally of late and it is a must you know all you can about what service you use and other services out there. But some bookie operators barely understand what a PPH company does. Here […]

Software for Casinos

Casinos and Their Software Have Vastly Improved Over the Years Local bookies (online casino operators) are having to adjust to a new way of doing business post COVID. What we thought was going to happen did not, and that is the best news of all. Nobody knew for sure what was going to happen once […]

Who Sets The Prices for Price Per Head?

Prices Vary at Price Per Head Services Who sets prices at a Price Per Head? Bookmaking comprises various activities like creating betting lines, betting options for various sporting events, accepting and settling wagers. But, some people wonder how a price per head service sets prices for bookies. In this post, we discuss sportsbooks’ odds, market […]

Mobile Bettors

Mobile Bettors are Becoming More Prevalent Mobile bettors have caused mobile gambling to have grown to be the most popular form of betting worldwide. Most bookies have sophisticated software that accepts different mobile bets. But, there are different types of gamblers. These are the six most common ones. Compulsive Bettors These pundits cannot control their […]

Live Odds – Where to Find Them

Live Odds Have Become Main Stream Live odds are most definitely not the future, they are now, and your clients are demanding them. Get on the stick And give them what they want. If you are a local bookie and you have not yet found the best way to take your business online then stick […]

Are You the Football Kind of Bookie

Football Brings More Traffic for a Bookie Usually Football has a huge following worldwide. Many sports gamblers often wager on various football leagues, including Major League Soccer (MLS), English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga. Some pundits are often in a dilemma when choosing bookmakers with the largest bonuses and gambling flexibility. […]

Services That a Bookie Should Always Look For

A Bookie is Always Needing to Expand Servies There has been a huge explosion in sports betting and the growth isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, especially for a bookie. In 2018, the Supreme Court invalidated Nevada’s monopoly on legal sports betting and since then, 20 other states have approved the practice. That simply […]

Pay Per Head (PPH) Sportsbooks and Agents

How Agents Use Pay Per Head Sportsbooks Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbooks aren’t like regular sportsbooks. They help bookmakers accept more bets and offer a better gambling experience to punters. PPH companies and agents create and manage odds for bookies. They process all winning bets and deposit winnings in pundits’ gambling accounts. In this article, […]

As a Bookie – Things You Should be Paying Attention To

A Bookie has to Pay Attention to Detail Does a Bookie have to follow regular business rules? How long has it been since you last analyzed your business model? How long has it been since taking your business to the doctor? From time to time all of us need a checkup. Are you earning a […]