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Live Odds – Where to Find Them

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Live Odds Have Become Main Stream

Live odds are most definitely not the future, they are now, and your clients are demanding them. Get on the stick And give them what they want. If you are a local bookie and you have not yet found the best way to take your business online then stick around.

We have an affordable and easy to use solution. The pay per head will do everything you need and more. They will be your  personal assistant; they will do all of the leg work for you and they will set you on a path to financial freedom. The best part about all of this; they will also custom-build your website for free. If you have always wanted to have a fantastic gaming website then now is your chance to not only have it but also have it custom-built for free.

Realbookie Payperhead Software &Amp; Live Odds

Live Odds are a Must for Your Bookmaking Operation

  • You need help. Building a great sportsbook from scratch is not easy but it can be done when connected with the right people and organizations. Bookies are throwing their hat’s in the ring and giving the Pay Per Heads the benefit of the doubt, and it’s paying big dividends.
  • The pay per head industry has taken off in the last 3-5 years and it’s bigger and better than ever before and the best thing is this – the cost has come down. Many of the well-established pay per head providers have been around for more than 10-years and even others, for upwards of 20-years. The PPH provider can supply you with a white-label sportsbook with premium service for you and your client. The cost has come down and the best PPH companies are charging between $10-$15 per head. Now, this gig is affordable, and they do all of the work.
  • You must have an online presence, without this, you have truly little hope to grow. There are two ways of looking at the bookie business. You can keep the clients you have and enjoy gambling with them. Maybe you make some money, maybe you don’t.
  • For all intent and purpose, your bookie business is not a serious undertaking, it’s fun. You want to win money and you want to earn a solid, six-figure income. The only way in which to earn that income is by building your client base. You need many players betting with you daily, you need the cross action. You can approach this as a business and of course, have fun, but make a pile of money doing it. You need the power of the mouse! Get your business online with a white label PPH provider.
  • With a white label PPH provider, you get the best software for bookies that’s on the market. Bookie software is provided when you sign with a PPH (pay per head). It’s a complete online sportsbook, which includes a racebook with access to more than 75 world-class tracks from around the world,  as well as a Las Vegas-style casino that features the hottest slots and table games-even live betting.
  • Reporting: With a white label sportsbook you now have accounting and player reports at your fingertips on demand. When you want a report, you can read it, or print it, 24/7. You now can stay on top of your player; you will know who is beating you and you can set player limits. With reports, you can keep track of spending and know where every dollar goes and when every dollar comes in the door.
  • The software grades your bet slips. You no longer have to sit up late at night grading bets. When the game is finished, the software grades the bet and deposits the money or records the loss.

What you want and need the most as a bookie is an online presence so that your players can control their destiny and play whenever they want to play. The beauty of a white label sportsbook is a toll- free hotline that’s available from the US to you and your clients. Find that perfect pay per head provider and get that white label sportsbook that you have always wanted.


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