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How Agents Use Pay Per Head Sportsbooks

Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbooks aren’t like regular sportsbooks. They help bookmakers accept more bets and offer a better gambling experience to punters. PPH companies and agents create and manage odds for bookies.

They process all winning bets and deposit winnings in pundits’ gambling accounts. In this article, we discuss PPH agents and their benefits.

How PPH Gambling Agents Work

PPH agent sites offer vital services and tools that bookies need to perform their daily tasks. They include insightful reports that check action, clerks, IT personnel, gambling sites, and odds managers.

The agents offer this information at a fee for each punter on your bookie. They efficiently run different departments in your business as you balance the book, assess your profits and settle winning bets.

A sportsbook agent only bills you for players who placed wagers on your site in a week or month. You wouldn’t pay any money if no one wagered.

The Advantages of PPH Agents

Some of the benefits that you will get from sportsbooks agents include:

1.    Technology

Factors such as credit, personal service, and taxes can make punters decide to play at offshore bookmakers rather than at your bookie. Many people love credit. Gamblers are likely to return to your website to bet even after losing if you provide credit.

They often get excited when supporting their favorite teams. Their expectations aren’t fully met when they allow offshore sportsbooks to access their bank accounts as they often pay hefty gambling taxes.

For example, if you offer $1,000 to players and unlimited access to your bookie, it will provide added value. They can transfer money abroad to friends and family or place bets without calling you. Thus, it is important to use sophisticated technology that will help you disable and enable customer accounts and control gambler’s credit limits.

2.    Experience

Many PPH agent sites hire highly trained staff with vast experience in gambling. It allows you to relax and understand various sports gambling lines that your sportsbook offers, thus making it more profitable.

At times, the markets and lines might resemble those that most offshore sportsbooks provide. But, you can determine the type of betting services that you will offer.

3.    Control

Hiring an experienced PPH agent helps you control your bookmaking operation. It includes lines, games, and sports offered, maximum payouts, and bets. You can add, remove or change some operations in minutes.

Realbookies Successful Pay Per Head Business

For example, if most punters are winning on a specific side, you can raise the vigorish or juice to -115 to discourage them and increase your long-term profit. A PPH agent will help you limit how much your sportsbook is exposed by regulating all game types, line types, parlays, Moneyline bets, totals, and maximum bets available.

The Live Bet Ticker feature provides real-time bet notifications on the screen whenever a player bets. It has distinct colors and sounds that enable you to distinguish tickets depending on the amount and risk of the possible winnings taken. You can customize the ticker and choose different filtering options to filter the most important information.

Successful bookmakers recommend using a PPH agent’s business model when you launch your bookmaker. Avoid sharing winnings and losses with players to increase your cash reserves. Furthermore, you won’t pay for inactive punters on your site.

This gives you control of paying out and collecting money from all active players. This model is different from the one many credit agents and companies use to share liabilities with their customers.

Some entrepreneurs who have little or no experience in the gambling industry prefer hiring PPH agents to oversee key operations as they focus on expanding their businesses. It is important to hire a PPH company that will offer exceptional services. Some sportsbooks agents have advanced mobile technologies that allow punters to bet at home.

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