Must-Know PayPerHead (PPH) Info

Knowing your PayPerHead (PPH) is Paramount to Success PayPerHead (PPH) sportsbooks offer bookies amazing services. Their popularity has rapidly grown globally of late and it is a must you know all you can about what service you use and other services out there. But some bookie operators barely understand what a PPH company does. Here […]

PayPerHead Prices Depend on the Quality of Services

But Quality PayPerHead Software is Still Affordable PayPerHead (PPH) companies offer a broad range of services and charge different rates. Generally, licensed firms offer exceptional services compared to unregistered companies. So, you will pay more for high-quality PPH service. It is important to study several providers before you pay a PPH subscription. Listed below are […]

Are Pay Per Head Free Trials a Good Option?

Quality Pay Per Head Companies Offer Free Trials Many pay per head (PPH) services offer new clients a free trial to test out the software, among other features. I’m regularly asked whether or not a free trial is a good option for a bookie. New or established bookies should definitely accept a free trial before […]

How to Become a Bookmaker

Becoming a Bookmaker is Getting Easier William Hill, Paddy Power, and Coral are among the leading bookmakers globally. They started out offering few betting markets as they expanded their clientele. Today, the three firms are profitable brands that inspire many sports entrepreneurs. Starting and growing a bookie requires certain skills and a budget. The following […]

North American Bookies Finding Success With the PPH

The Right PPH Software is out There for Bookies Sports bettors are looking for options when it comes to betting and they will find them. The online competition is fierce, and bookies must make the right move to keep these folks on the hook. Bettors want betting options available to them and they want it […]

How to Cut Down Your Losses as Bookies

Bookies Need to Utilize PPH Tools to Limit Losses Pay per head software is certainly not a new phenomenon for bookies in the sports gambling business. Some of the more prominent per head providers have been around for more than a decade and many of those parent companies have been around for more than twenty […]

How to Make a Living out of Gambling

Gambling Can Make You Some Serious Money Gamblers gamble because they love to gamble, it is this easy you don’t have to analyze it. In gambling there is nothing to argue it is what it is,gamblers gamble because they love to gamble. Gamblers do not gamble because they love money, they love the idea of […]

PPH Players –Helpful Hints to Acquire More

Attaining More PPH Players is Essential for Success Volume is one of your key goals when you run a sportsbook operation. More PPH Players is necessary. Being able to have your customers playing all year long, follow different leagues and events, stay active, this should remain as one of your main objectives permanently, because this […]

This could finally be time for LeBron James to win his fifth MVP

Will Ankle Injury Hamper Lebron James Chances on League MVP? In order for us to be able to sit down and analyze the impact that LeBron James has had in the NBA since he was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2003, we’re probably going to have to wait until it’s all said and done, and […]