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Pay Per Head (PPH) 101

Realbookies Pph Software

Some Basics You Need When Choosing a Pay Per Head (PPH) Today we will do a quick look at Pay Per Head (PPH) software. What is PPH you might ask? Well, keep reading for our PPH 101 guide. At a glance, PPH companies provide bookmakers with various tools that help them run their businesses better. Read on to learn more ...

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Who Sets The Prices for Price Per Head?

A1 Priceperhead Bookie Software

Prices Vary at Price Per Head Services Who sets prices at a Price Per Head? Bookmaking comprises various activities like creating betting lines, betting options for various sporting events, accepting and settling wagers. But, some people wonder how a price per head service sets prices for bookies. In this post, we discuss sportsbooks’ odds, market prices, and vigorish. How Bookmakers ...

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How to Cut Down Your Losses as Bookies

Payperhead247 Sports Betting Software

Bookies Need to Utilize PPH Tools to Limit Losses Pay per head software is certainly not a new phenomenon for bookies in the sports gambling business. Some of the more prominent per head providers have been around for more than a decade and many of those parent companies have been around for more than twenty years. The Pay per head ...

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How to Make a Living out of Gambling

Being A Bookie Changes Daily

Gambling Can Make You Some Serious Money Gamblers gamble because they love to gamble, it is this easy you don’t have to analyze it. In gambling there is nothing to argue it is what it is,gamblers gamble because they love to gamble. Gamblers do not gamble because they love money, they love the idea of money but at the end ...

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Top Pay Per Head Tips for More Profit

Top Pay Per Head Tips For More Profit

Pay per head solutions offer tools and features that allow people to start and maintain a successful bookie business. Many bookies depend on the sportsbook software to ensure the profitability of their sportsbook. If you want to grow the business, check out our tips for more profit. We provide tips that will help you to run the sportsbook efficiently. Running ...

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PricePerHead Technology Solutions that work in the real World

Priceperhead 247

PricePerHead 247 Software Will Take Your Bookie Business to Next Level In the sports betting industry, and above all, in the PriceperHead business, we understand that the world relies on technology nowadays, to be able to complete our efforts, optimize our offer and maximize our profits. We understand very well that every extra step, or every step backwards can cost ...

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Big weekend Series – Astros vs. Athletics

Oakland Athletics

By: The Frisco Kid Athletics Are not Going Away — Astros in Sights The Oakland Athletics are on a mission and that is to win the AL West. The way in which the A’s started this season was nothing special, but this team has battled back. They are going to be a big problem for the Astros. Honestly, the Astros ...

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PricePerPlayer.com Rebrands itself with a New Website and Logo

Priceperplayer.com Rebrands Itself With A New Website And Logo

PricePerPlayer.com Rebrands itself San Jose, Costa Rica – PricePerPlayer, a software Development and pay per head service provider is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.  The launch of the new website is part of their new rebranding strategy. The new vision is to showcase the many new aspects and services of their company. The newly redesigned website ...

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Five Good Ways to Compete with the Big Offshore Sportsbooks

Pph Services At Realbookies.com

            Five Good Ways to Compete with the Big Offshore Sportsbooks Any independent bookmaker that works closely with a quality Pay Per Head service has all the tools they need to successfully build a profitable business in the sports betting industry. This is true even with the heavy competition they face for their customer’s attention ...

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