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Knowing your PayPerHead (PPH) is Paramount to Success

PayPerHead (PPH) sportsbooks offer bookies amazing services. Their popularity has rapidly grown globally of late and it is a must you know all you can about what service you use and other services out there.

But some bookie operators barely understand what a PPH company does. Here is all you need to know about the payperhead business.

1. Affordability

Many people believe that leading PPH companies charge from $30 per bettor each week. But, some of the best providers charge $7 per active player.

They won’t charge you for any player who didn’t bet during the week. Also, you will pay the fee once a week. You can set up a minimum betting amount for your bookmaker as most pay per head service providers offer casinos, racebooks, and sports betting platforms.

The rates of many PPH firms range from $10 to $20 per player. Some of them have various service plans with different prices. For instance, you can pay $3 for a basic package and $7 per bettor for a premium package.

2. PayPerHead (PPH) Software

PPH companies buy complex betting software from reputable developers. They offer their clients unlimited access to the software, and some providers have free trials.

The software enhances communication between bookies and PPH companies’ customer support, offers different betting options, and processes bets. Choosing a leading PPH provider with high-end software will dramatically increase your profit as some software offer online casinos.

Ideal pay per head software should offer an all-in-one solution to your bookmaking needs. It will enable you to broaden your clientele while keeping existing players. Besides, it offers bettors a thrilling gambling experience.

You can use a PPH company’s software to create an attractive webpage. Request it to redirect clients to your site when web users visit it. The software offers real-time agent reports such as weekly balances that help you determine the players that you need to retain or let go.

Realbookies Payperhead Sportsbook &Amp; Casino Software

3. Casino, Racebook, and Sportsbook

A pay per head company can build a customized website for you within two days. It won’t charge an extra fee if you had subscribed to its services.

You can start registering bettors once the firm launches your website. It will appear like an ordinary sportsbook but have a crisp professional look. The site’s interface will enable bettors to access your sports betting menu, casino, and high-end racebook.

4. Security

The rising number of online fraud reports has made many people skeptical about transacting online. Yet, leading pay per head firms offer a 99 percent uptime guarantee and top-notch security.

They allow bettors to gamble anytime and from anywhere. Thus, you won’t be worried about experiencing a system breakdown before a major sports event starts.

You can log in to your bookie website and check each bettor’s recent activities. PPH software helps you track players’ gambling habits to determine your bookie’s performance.

You can adjust their betting budgets, limits and alter the odds. Pay per head providers create future bets, odds, lines, and sporting events to wager on.

5. How to Be a PayPerHead Bookie

Several decades ago, bookies took cash from bettors to facilitate wagers. Some of them were forced to hire security personnel to guard the money during popular sporting events when many gamblers visited their shops to wager.

Even so, most modern sportsbooks accept online payments. It is important to understand all bookie operations to be a successful PPH company. This will help you understand and meet bettors’ and sportsbooks’ needs.

Apply for a license from a known gambling authority and buy high-quality bookie software to process bets, track players, and generate agent reports.

pay per head providers perform key bookmaking operations at a fee. They have advanced bookie software that accepts and processes bets, records transactions, and makes timely payouts. It is advisable to compare the prices and service plans of different companies to choose the right PPH provider for your bookie.


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