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Pay Per Head (PPH) Sportsbooks and Agents

RealBookies Successful Pay Per Head Business

How Agents Use Pay Per Head Sportsbooks Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbooks aren’t like regular sportsbooks. They help bookmakers accept more bets and offer a better gambling experience to punters. PPH companies and agents create and manage odds for bookies. They process all winning bets and deposit winnings in pundits’ gambling accounts. In this article, we discuss PPH agents and ...

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Pay Per Head Solutions

RealBookie Pay Per Head Software

You Must Find a Quality Pay Per Head Solution What is a pay per head, how much does it cost, and what can it do for you as a local bookie? These are the questions being asked by bookies across the United States. If you are a local bookie then you are well aware of how difficult it is to ...

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PPH Players –Helpful Hints to Acquire More

RealBookie Pay Per Head Software

Attaining More PPH Players is Essential for Success Volume is one of your key goals when you run a sportsbook operation. More PPH Players is necessary. Being able to have your customers playing all year long, follow different leagues and events, stay active, this should remain as one of your main objectives permanently, because this is what guarantees the best ...

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Sports figures who left us in 2020

Sports Figures who Passed in 2020 Kobe Bryant

2020 Saw Many Sports Figures Leave Us Man, how we love our sports figures. One of the toughest years in sports’ and world’s history in general is gone and in the books. The year 2020 will always be remembered as one in which we were all forced to make a stop, learn, and adapt, step out of our comfort zone, ...

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Earn Money Now With Your Own Sportsbook

RealBookies Sportsbook Software

Your Own Online Sportsbook Could Make Big Money There aren’t a lot of online businesses where you can earn money now. An Online Sportsbook has to be at the top of the list. Most online businesses have a barrier to entry. For example, to sell products on social media, you need thousands of loyal followers that are willing to spend ...

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How have online bookies survived the COVID crisis?

RealBookie Pay Per Head Software

COVID has Caused Havoc Across the Sports World We have some simple answers to an overly complicated, health, and political crisis. It is not our mission to dissect COVID or tell you what you should or should not be doing, neither is it our mission to tell any politician they are wrong or spot on about what they feel should ...

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You Can Start Your Own Bookie Business Even Now

RealBookies Bookie Software

Become a Successful Bookie Business Now The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down industries around the world. Being a bookie in one industry that has seen growth during the pandemic is online sports betting and gambling. With land-based casinos operating with restrictions or still shut depending upon where you live, a lot of gamblers have moved exclusively online and that’s ...

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