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Pay Per Head (PPH) 101

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Some Basics You Need When Choosing a Pay Per Head (PPH)

Today we will do a quick look at Pay Per Head (PPH) software. What is PPH you might ask? Well, keep reading for our PPH 101 guide. At a glance, PPH companies provide bookmakers with various tools that help them run their businesses better. Read on to learn more about how PHH service providers work.

Sports Gambling Software

These firms have user-friendly software with many applications which meet sportsbook agents’ needs. The betting menus allow betting companies to decide the betting options that they will provide to their players.

Pay-per-head has software that allows complex line moving & bookie operators to control their gambling lines and sub-agents. Also, they can handle various betting options, house limits, propositions, and future betting options and maximize their profits.

You will control your bettors’ accounts, limits, and settings. Besides, you can set up many sub-agents, issue them betting rights, and manage restrictions.

These PPH sites can make additions for you. Its software offers you an edge over competitors who rent bookmaking software and solely rely on their software providers.

For example, you can add bets once a game starts. You will access an encrypted and secure communication system to keep in touch with gamblers and your sub-agents privately.

Mobile Software

Over 40 percent of the global population own smartphones, according to BankMyCell. Most gamblers tend to sign up at betting sites that have advanced mobile gambling platforms. They need to be easy-to-use and provide instant access.

A large number of the pay-per-head agents take action on its sophisticated mobile gambling app. Players can easily connect to its casino, racebook, and sportsbook on their tablets or phones 24/7.

Live Betting

Live gambling has dramatically increased action in online bookmakers. Many sports diehards like placing wagers on games that they are streaming. This encourages operators to offer many betting markets.

Most sites have a live sports betting format that has thousands of events each month. It enables betting companies to offer gamblers thousands of extra betting options.

The pay per head provider provides live lines and a real-time scoreboard which keeps gamblers alert as they look for the next betting opportunity on the screen. Such options include money line, game totals, and a match’s side.

A few years ago, second-half betting was many live bettors’ favorite option. For instance, in live betting, a coin toss indicates the beginning of a gambling feverishness in a match until the referee blows the last whistle.

Virtual Casino Software

Some sites offer its PPH agents a virtual online casino for free. It creates a win-win situation for offshore sportsbooks as it helps them increase their earning potential.

A betting operation’s success resembles that of other enterprises. It largely depends on an investment’s consistency, referrals, and volume. Many offer high-quality Keno, slots, video games, table games, and zip tabs like those in Las Vegas casinos that will make players return to your bookie frequently.

These sites allow PPH agents to customize most of its casino offerings for each bettor or group. Regular casino bettors can access its online casino on the phone at any time.

Realbookies Pph Software

Free Risk Management Consultation

Many service providers offer gambling expertise and professionalism to their clients as well. New associates get free in-depth risk consultation once they sign up. In-house experts create enough time to look into each operator’s business model and player base.

You can contact the support team anytime to increase your profits and reduce risk. The company doesn’t need you to make an upfront deposit.


Call the customer representatives at the site you wish to work with to discuss different payment options. Most PPH providers have consistently provided excellent customer support at affordable rates. They all have varying weekly charges per active player.

The end goal for PPH sites is to build beneficial and lasting relationships with its customers. It serves bookmakers, bettors, and sportsbook agents. Many companies will offer trials of their bookie software as well.

That’s that! Hope you enjoyed our quick PPH 101 guide.

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