How have online bookies survived the COVID crisis?

COVID has Caused Havoc Across the Sports World We have some simple answers to an overly complicated, health, and political crisis. It is not our mission to dissect COVID or tell you what you should or should not be doing, neither is it our mission to tell any politician they are wrong or spot on […]

RDGCorp.com Bookie PPH Review

RDGcorp.com offers PPH and Sportsbook solutions at a low cost thanks to its Bookie Pay Per Head services.  Since 1996, RDG Corp has been providing a reliable bookie PPH service to some of the biggest names in the sportsbook industry. In our RDGCorp.com Bookie PPH Review, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of […]

RDG Corp, Who They are and What They Provide

      RDG Corp Launched in 1996, RDG Corp is a provider of services for online sportsbooks, casinos and racebooks. With many years in the online gaming industry, RDG Corp offers experience and reliability to those who are looking for optimal solutions for their online gaming business. They offer price per head services that help you to make […]