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How have online bookies survived the COVID crisis?

Realbookies Offers Big Underdog Odds

COVID has Caused Havoc Across the Sports World

We have some simple answers to an overly complicated, health, and political crisis. It is not our mission to dissect COVID or tell you what you should or should not be doing, neither is it our mission to tell any politician they are wrong or spot on about what they feel should have been done or what was not done.

None of the above. Our mission is to tell you how you can earn a great income at any time, no matter what may be happening in the world around us. The hottest online business of 2020 is the pay per head, here is why…

· Gamblers are still gambling, they have not stopped gambling, and they will never stop. This is the number one reason that online bookmakers are staying in business. When COVID hit us all with a major shutdown this past March, bookies feared the worst. It’s no lie, things were bad. March Madness was cancelled, every major sport cancelled, then some reopened and slowly, sports gambling picked back up. Again, gamblers did not stop gambling. They gambled and are gambling on what’s available to them.

· The pay per head business is the fuel behind online bookmakers and their success. They offer local bookies an immediate, online presence, they offer a free, custom-built website. They offer a state of the art sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. You get all three gaming genera’s for free. The website is custom-built for free and you get the use of everything for free.

· What you pay for is a nominal fee for every active player. This fee is usually around $7-$13 per week, per active player. Now, this may seem steep, however, within the parameters of the sportsbook, you can recoup this money with one single bet. For any player that you may have who plays exclusively in the sportsbook and that does not bet in the casino or racebook – you are beating the PPH fee altogether. Let’s explain…

How PPH Fees Work— Covid or Not

· Depending on the level of service that you choose, the best wagering software providers on the internet are charging between $7-$13 per head, per week. This is on average and we say “the best” because you should never pay more than $15 per head and you must remember that just as with any other business, you get what you pay for.

You will see many lowball offers such as $3 per head or $1 or $2. Look folks, in our experience, you should run from lowball offers. They hook you with these offers and then they do nothing for you. They offer no customer service to speak of and what they feature is usually limited to nearly nothing.

Realbookie Sportsbook Software During Covid

· The PPH fee is charged to you one time per week, for active players. This means if your client places at least one wager in the sportsbook, the casino, or the racebook, you will be charged the PPH fee. You will not be charged more than one time per week and the player may bet as much or as little as they choose in the sportsbook, and racebook.

They may play as much as they choose in the casino, you will only be charged once per week. There are no hidden charges, no surprises, no bull, just a one time fee for any active player. If they do not play, you will not be charged.

· There is a way to beat the fee altogether and this is when a client of yours never plays in the casino or racebook. You will have the option to turn these features off. Then you can set a betting minimum. Most bookies do this. This means that for every bet they place in the sportsbook the bet must be $15 or say $20… (example). When you do this, you have just beaten the PPH fee.

There has never been a better time than right now, 2020, to start an online gaming site. Players want to gamble but they are not going to Las Vegas and they do not want to be around people. They want to bet from the comforts of their home. Offer them a great gaming website and it’s guaranteed they will come and spend a small fortune. Call the PPH today.

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