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RDG Corp, Who They are and What They Provide





RDG Corp

Launched in 1996, RDG Corp is a provider of services for online sportsbooks, casinos and racebooks. With many years in the online gaming industry, RDG Corp offers experience and reliability to those who are looking for optimal solutions for their online gaming business.

They offer price per head services that help you to make the most of your operation.

Price per Head Services

Any bookmaker is able to use the price per head services of RDG Corp. These services are especially ideal for the bookmaker that wants to run an online operation without having to worry about the day-to-day operation of their service. With RDG Corp and their price per head service you simply outsource the general operation of your business.

You pay a fee per active customer that you have and the rest is taken care of by RDG Corp. There are many services that are included in price per head – a customizable website including site maintenance.

All backend management that is related to payouts and odds; risk management; report generation; customer service support and sports events and betting options.

Website and Maintenance

The price per head service offers a website that is fully customizable and has your own domain name. Simply specify what you require according to your business plan and the needs of your customers. RDG Corp will maintain the site for you and worry about the day-to-day issues related to the site.

Customer Service Support

RDG Corp offers customer service support. The price per head service will hire and train all customer support personnel so that they can provide the best possible telephonic support to your customers. Customer support may be multi-lingual and may be offered 24/7 for the convenience of your customers.


The price per head service provides reports to the business with important information that can help them to improve their operation. Different types of reports are available and the bookie can choose which reports are most useful for him.

Examples of the type of information you can receive includes:

  • lists of the winners and losers over a set period of time
  • player bets and the lines they bet on
  • what each customer won or lost and more
  • You are able to adjust the data in the reports so that it is presented to you in the most useful way.

Risk Management

Risk management is an important area of any business and the price per head services of RDG Corp will take care of this aspect of your business. This will reduce any possible risk to you and will ensure that your customers have a safe and secure betting environment.

Sporting Events and Wager Types

Price per head services offers a huge range of sports and sporting events for your customers to choose from. In addition, it offers a wide range of wager types to give your customers extra choices. Events will include International events, as well as local events from different countries around the world.

RDG Corp. has years of experience providing price per head services, to bookmakers, sports betting agents or professional credit bookmakers worldwide. Try their pay per head software for two weeks completely free.

RDG Corp

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