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Bookmakers Can’t Control the Outcome of Sporting Events

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Many People Think Bookmakers the Power to do Anything in Sports

Bookmakers can control who bets on what events and what limits to set. There is a new sheriff in town, and it’s called the pay per head. Maybe you know all about it or maybe you have never heard of a PPH.  There are ways in which to capitalize on this business that you shouldn’t be living without. If you are not yet online then you must get online as quickly as possible to make the most of this gambling business that you have embarked on.

The PPH is a better way of doing business and as experienced bookies, we think it’s the only way I which to do business. It’s certainly the best way to find yourself online with a fantastic website and a way to manage payments for bookie services.

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  • Obviously as bookmakers you have no control over the outcome of any sporting event or anything that you may be offering your clients to bet on. Just as they have no control over wins and losses. If we could control this game, then it wouldn’t be called a gamble. The very nature of gambling says this business is a risk… How do you manage the risk?
  • Think of it like this – If you were a large retailer and you sold everything from fresh produce to motor oil, to TV’s and you advertised in this manner… Example: “Welcome to our retail environment, we are thrilled that you have chosen to shop with us and hope that you will enjoy your experience. Remember, here in our store you may take the risk of stealing what you choose. If you are caught, then you must pay the full retail price and an added tax (the juice). If you are not caught, well lucky you, you beat us, and we hope to see you next time.”
  • In essence, this is what you are doing as a bookie. You have no idea whether or not what you offer your clients to bet on is going to be a winner or a loser, and to boot, you are the one putting the money up. You are taking the risk. What you must do is minimize the risk by setting the tightest lines and odds, all the while staying competitive. You can’t run the risk of losing clients simply because your lines and odds are set with too high of a price. You must stay within the realm of competition. This is a tightrope that you walk.
Bookmakers Should Not Move Lines Themselves Unless They are Experience
  • Are you an experienced line mover and oddsmaker? Chances are, you are not. Possibly you have worked in the gaming industry and you may have even worked for an online sportsbook or one of the power players on the Las Vegas strip. Most bookies have done neither of these. Most bookies come in relatively green with the experience of being a gambler themselves. That’s great experience to have and it means you know a thing or two about sports gambling in general, however, it’s simply not enough to set the daily lines and odds in a manner in which to stay ahead of the game.
  • Sports gamblers have become very smart people and they have a lot of help nowadays. Everywhere they turn there is somebody selling sports gambling advice and these guys are good. They can beat the bookie from time to time.
  • The bookie business is marginal and sometimes the business operates on razor-thin margins. The player must beat you 52-54% of the time, just to beat the juice. So, the odds are still in your favor, but you are in this business to make money, not break even. How do you do it?

Find a PPH and get online For your Bookmaking Business

They will help you find the best tools for receiving payments and this is a big deal. Gamblers want two things, easy and accessible. If you offer an alternative to cash, they will love you, if you offer a 24/7 betting opportunity, they will love you even more and they will stay loyal. Find a PPH that offers a great casino. Call them today and ask for a free trial.

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