You can Switch PayPerHead Providers at any Time

Reputable PayPerHead Providers Will Tell You This The payperhead industry has taken off over the last few years and in fact, it’s taken over the online gaming industry. No matter what size of bookie operation you may have, the PPH business is the only business that should be managing your players. Unfortunately, not all of […]

It’s Time to Adjust the Odds

When to Adjust the Odds? All bookies go through their ups and downs. This business can be volatile and you must be prepared to Adjust the Odds. Making the proper adjustments when necessary is not an easy thing to do. Possibly, you are a local bookie that’s looking to expand, to find an online presence […]

PayPerHead and Consistent Profits

The art of turning consistent profits is here! Do you ever wonder about different ways to make your PayPerHead business better and more profitable? We all know how much money there is moving around every single day in the sports betting industry, and we all know we can get a piece of the pie, because […]

Where can you Find PayPerHead Free Trials?

Free Trials at a PayPerHead are a Good Tool A payperhead free trial is a great way to start in the bookmaking business. The PPH gives you an instant online presence and the best part, you pay nothing now. All you need to do is call the PPH and tell them what you want. The […]

Understand the Gray Area of your Bookie Business

Gray Areas Can Make or Break Your Bookie Business The online sportsbook, or bookie business, is one that comes with many absolutes. There are many rules to live by and some of them are written in stone. Others, yea, not so much. There are many gray areas in the bookie business that you should be […]

Bookmakers Can’t Control the Outcome of Sporting Events

Many People Think Bookmakers the Power to do Anything in Sports Bookmakers can control who bets on what events and what limits to set. There is a new sheriff in town, and it’s called the pay per head. Maybe you know all about it or maybe you have never heard of a PPH.  There are […]

PayPerHead Service: Are You Paying a Fair Price?

Not All Pricing is the Same at a PayPerHead Service I’m going to assume you’ve already done some research on PPH services and understand how they work. In this article, we’re going to discuss what to look for to ensure you’re paying a fair price. Prices in the industry can vary widely. First off, for […]

What’s the Biggest Horse Racing Event?

PayPerHead Has to Offer Many Horse Racing Tracks Horse racing is regarded as the “Sport of Kings” and there are massive horse races annually held all over the world, including the United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Australia and France. The biggest horse racing event can be subjective. Do you rank horse races by […]

Bookmaking a New Business Trend for the Millennials?

Will Millennials Turn to Bookmaking This is the age of the Millennials, we all know that. The world is changing in many different ways, and people change with it; we evolve, we adapt and we adjust, and Millennials, like it or not, are the ones who hold the future of this planet in their hands, […]

Is Outsourcing a Bookie Business to a PayPerHead the way to go?

PayPerHead Sites are Revolutionizing the Online Sportsbook Industry There are gambling outsourcing solutions that exist and deciding when to outsource, rather than if, is probably the more pertinent question.  The online gambling business changes quickly. What bookies must do is position themselves to make the most of the opportunities that lie in front of them. […]