Betwhale – Come See What You are Missing

Betwhale is Ready for Euro 2024, NBA Finals, NHL, F1 & More.. Having to switch between different platforms and master several sportsbook systems is distracting and often discourages beginner bettors. That’s why Betwhale strives to bring you a simple, accessible and enjoyable betting platform, where the transformation from a curious guest to an avid bettor […]

$50 Free Chip at JuiceBet — Get it Now!!!

All New Signups Will Get a $50 Free Chip at JuiceBet JuiceBet is hitting the market running. As one of the best new Online Sportsbooks on market in 2024 they are giving all new signups through Handicappers Hideaway a FREE $50 Chip to wager with. To find out all the details please continue to read. […]

1Vice.ag Expands Both Betting Leagues & Betting Markets

1Vice.ag is a Top Rated Global Online Sportsbook 1Vice.ag is making waves. It is no big secret that football in the college ranks and the NFL remain the biggest draw for weekly action from US bettors American football in general as always been a very popular betting sport worldwide. However, betting markets for these two […]

Earn Money Now With Your Own Sportsbook

Your Own Online Sportsbook Could Make Big Money There aren’t a lot of online businesses where you can earn money now. An Online Sportsbook has to be at the top of the list. Most online businesses have a barrier to entry. For example, to sell products on social media, you need thousands of loyal followers […]

Parlay Lifestyle Review

New Sportsbook Parlay Lifestyle Looks to Shake Things Up Parlay Lifestyle is a new sportsbook that was started in 2018 by a sports handicapper. He was tired of having trouble getting paid when he, and his friends, won from credit sportsbook. He decided to take matters into his own hands and opened up this sportsbook. […]

It’s Time to Adjust the Odds

When to Adjust the Odds? All bookies go through their ups and downs. This business can be volatile and you must be prepared to Adjust the Odds. Making the proper adjustments when necessary is not an easy thing to do. Possibly, you are a local bookie that’s looking to expand, to find an online presence […]

Where can you Find PayPerHead Free Trials?

Free Trials at a PayPerHead are a Good Tool A payperhead free trial is a great way to start in the bookmaking business. The PPH gives you an instant online presence and the best part, you pay nothing now. All you need to do is call the PPH and tell them what you want. The […]

Bookmakers Can’t Control the Outcome of Sporting Events

Many People Think Bookmakers the Power to do Anything in Sports Bookmakers can control who bets on what events and what limits to set. There is a new sheriff in town, and it’s called the pay per head. Maybe you know all about it or maybe you have never heard of a PPH.  There are […]

What’s the Biggest Horse Racing Event?

PayPerHead Has to Offer Many Horse Racing Tracks Horse racing is regarded as the “Sport of Kings” and there are massive horse races annually held all over the world, including the United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Australia and France. The biggest horse racing event can be subjective. Do you rank horse races by […]