PayPerHeadKing (PPHK) was one of the newcomers in the online pay per head industry when Handicappers Hideaway started promoting them. The company has been in business since 2016. Our PayPerHeadKing pay per head review will look at the reasons why some bookies choose it over more established providers. The company started offering its pay per […]


EasyPayPerHead was a newcomer when we did our first review back in 2020. That is not the case now in the bookie pay per head industry. EasyPPH is one of the most recommended providers today. Our EasyPayPerHead sportsbook pay per head review will go into the reasons why some bookies prefer it over more established […]


Since 1997, PayPerHead has served as the per head industry’s premier sportsbook tech service provider. One of the reasons is because PayPerHead offers the most possible sports betting options. When players have options on which to wager, bookmakers make money. In our PayPerHead sportsbook software review, we take a look at their software, related features, and customer […]

Must-Know PayPerHead (PPH) Info

Knowing your PayPerHead (PPH) is Paramount to Success PayPerHead (PPH) sportsbooks offer bookies amazing services. Their popularity has rapidly grown globally of late and it is a must you know all you can about what service you use and other services out there. But some bookie operators barely understand what a PPH company does. Here […]

PayPerHead Prices Depend on the Quality of Services

But Quality PayPerHead Software is Still Affordable PayPerHead (PPH) companies offer a broad range of services and charge different rates. Generally, licensed firms offer exceptional services compared to unregistered companies. So, you will pay more for high-quality PPH service. It is important to study several providers before you pay a PPH subscription. Listed below are […]

Price on PayPerHead, are you Paying the Fair Price?

Quality PayPerHead Companies Have Fair Prices With the increase in the popularity of sports betting and PayPerHead software. The more and more people are looking for ways to place wagers online. Whether it’s state sponsored sportsbooks or offshore websites, there is plenty of competition for local sports betting agents. Major casino operators like Caesar’s Entertainment […]

You can Switch PayPerHead Providers at any Time

Reputable PayPerHead Providers Will Tell You This The payperhead industry has taken off over the last few years and in fact, it’s taken over the online gaming industry. No matter what size of bookie operation you may have, the PPH business is the only business that should be managing your players. Unfortunately, not all of […]

PayPerHead and Consistent Profits

The art of turning consistent profits is here! Do you ever wonder about different ways to make your PayPerHead business better and more profitable? We all know how much money there is moving around every single day in the sports betting industry, and we all know we can get a piece of the pie, because […]

Where can you Find PayPerHead Free Trials?

Free Trials at a PayPerHead are a Good Tool A payperhead free trial is a great way to start in the bookmaking business. The PPH gives you an instant online presence and the best part, you pay nothing now. All you need to do is call the PPH and tell them what you want. The […]