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UFC president Dana White recently confirmed that UFC 249 has been canceled and that all other events are postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19 concerns but sports will be back one day, hopefully, sooner rather than later and it’s always a good time to learn more about UFC betting.

UFC betting has grown massively. This MMA promotion has a large audience worldwide and the best sportsbooks allow bettors to place a wide variety of wagers. Everyone can bet on who will win an MMA fight and we will explain it but there are many other ways to bet on UFC.

Moneylines in UFC

We already went over how to read odds. You just have to choose one fighter to win by whatever means necessary. It doesn’t matter how he or she wins the fight. This is the most popular UFC bet type. Here’s an example: Daniel Cormier -145 vs. Stipe Miocic +115.


Parlays are bets with multiple sections. For example, if you like three fighters to win you can bet on all of them with a parlay to increase the payout odds. The only way to win the parlay bet is if the three fighters part of your selections prevail in their bouts.

You will lose your bet even if just one of the fighters doesn’t win. Parlay bets are a great alternative if you like two favorites because your payout odds would be much better.

UFC Over/Under Bets

This is one of the easiest ways to bet UFC fights. Over/Under bets are made on the round total set by the online sportsbooks. All you have to do is bet on whether the fight will go over or under the round total.

Here’s an example: Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Michelle Waterson – Over 2.5 Round -115 / Under 2.5 Rounds +105.

Round Bets

Some sportsbooks allow you to bet on what round you think the fight will finish in. Round bets have much better payout odds because predicting this is not so easy.

You can also bet on a fighter to win during a certain round. This option also has decent payout odds.

Method of Victory in UFC Betting

The three ways to win a fight in the UFC are via KO, submission points. Method of Victory betting is a great alternative if you are sure about how the fighters can win. These are the variations offered by the sportsbook: inside the distance, by submission and by KO.

Inside the distance: This is when a fighter wins by KO or submission, finishing the fight inside the distance.

By submission: This is when one fighter wins by submission. It can be either of them.

By KO: This is when one fighter wins by KO. It can be either of them.

Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are lesser-known but they can be profitable if used in parlays. The sportsbooks give the fighters a certain amount of points and here’s an example of how you can bet them:

3 Round fight, Nate Diaz is the favorite.

Nate Diaz -3.5

Conor McGregor +3.5

If either Diaz or McGregor wins by KO, TKO, or DQ, they win the handicap regardless of the scoring at the time of the stoppage.

If the fight completes all scheduled rounds and the judges score it.

Scores of Diaz 30-27, 29-28, A 29-28

Diaz wins a unanimous decision based on these scores.

The cumulative score for Diaz is 30+29+29 = 88

The cumulative score for McGregor is 27+28+28 = 83

Using the handicap scores we get the result.

Diaz has a total of 88 – 3.5 = 84.5

McGregor has a total of 83 + 3.5 = 86.5

Despite losing the fight, McGregor would win the handicap bet based on this example.

Decision Victories Bets

There are different ways to bet decision victories. The most popular one would be: A fighter wins by decision. It can be any decision, the fight just needs to go to points.

Other bet types are: A fighter wins by unanimous decision. This happens when all three judges score him or her as the winner.

A fighter wins by split decision. This happens when two judges score him or her as the winner and one judge scores the other fighter as the winner.

A fighter wins by majority decision. This happens when two judges score him or her as the winner and one judge scores the fight as a draw.

Live Betting in UFC

UFC live betting is very fun. It is also a good way to make decent amounts of money if you select your spots carefully. There are two types of live betting options: you can bet in between rounds or throughout the fight.

Prop Bets

Sportsbooks offer a few UFC prop bets, including who will win the Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night awards.

UFC Betting Terms

Bookie: Short for sportsbook or oddsmaker, betting website.

Chalk: The expected winner of the fight or favorite.

Disqualified Opponent: When the fight is stopped by the judge or referee because one of the fighters has violated the rules consistently.

Draw: A scorecard draw. In this case, the bet is a push.

Edge: What you know that gives you an advantage over the sportsbooks. In order to have an edge in UFC betting, you need to take your time to research the fighters.

Even Money: When two fighters are so evenly matched that their odds are the same.

Favorite: The fighter that is expected to win.

KO: Abbreviation for Knockout. A knockout happens when a fighter loses consciousness as a result of legal strikes.

Limit: This is the maximum or minimum amount of the money that you can bet.

Line: The odds of a fight.

Majority Decision: When a fighter scores more points on two scorecards but the third judge scores the fight equally for both fighters.

Moneyline: An outright bet on who will win a fight.

Odds: There are three types of odds: American, decimal and fractional.

Opened: This is what the line was when it first opened. The lines shift as the day of the fight gets closer.

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Parlay: When several bets are tied together into a single one to increase the payout odds. All bets have to win in order for the parlay to be successful.

Prop Bet: Proposition bets on an occurrence or non-occurrence not directly affecting the final outcome he fight.

Push: A draw in the bet. You get back the money you bet.

Split Decision: When a fighter scores more points on two scorecards but the third judge has the opponent as the winner.

TKO: Abbreviation for Technical Knock Down. When the fighter is knocked down three times, or when the referee steps in and stops the fight after determining that the fighter is in no condition to continue. Corner retirements are also a TKO unless the judges decide the fight by the scorecards or declare it a No Contest.

Technical Decision: When the winner of the fight is decided by the scorecard points of the judges at any time other than at the end of the programmed rounds.

Technical Draw: When the referee decides to stop the fight before the start of the 5th round. It has to be for any reason other than knockout, technical knockout or disqualification.

Unanimous Decision: When the same fighter scores more points on all three scorecards.

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