PricePerHead: Is Good Service Often not Praised?

PricePerHead has Different Levels of Service In the sportsbook business, as in many others, customers are the center of the PricePerHead model. They are the heart and soul, the ones who will enjoy, approve or disapprove of anything that happens in the day-to-day operations. As a good bookie, you must be ready to offer them […]

PricePerHead: Is it Better to Offer Big Underdogs?

Big Underdogs Can Hurt Bottom Line at a PricePerHead Running a PricePerHead is tricky business sometimes. There are different aspects and variables that influence our performance, our profit and our general functioning, when we run a sportsbook operation, as it happens with any other kind of business, of course. These variables can be of all […]

Can You Do Upgrades on PricePerHead Services

Quality PricePerHead Services Have Upgrade Options When looking for a PricePerHead (PPH) bookie service, you’re going to notice a variety of prices for services that initially look the same. However, dig deeper and you’ll see not all services are the same. PricePerHead services differ in the level of service and features they provide. This is […]

What Should You look for on a PricePerHead Website?

Website and Software can Make or Break a PricePerHead The PricePerHead website brand is a unique thing, or at least it should be. We like to think there is still some individualism left in this business and we want to give you some friendly advice as to what matters for you as a bookie and […]

PricePerHead Profits are There to be Made

Do you Want to Achieve Record Profits This Season at Your PricePerHead Record Profits and your PricePerHead. We’re going into a very interesting stage of the sports season, with the NBA entering its final stretch, March Madness just around the corner, and the MLB season ready to return to the stage, among many other important […]

What are the Most Convenient Payment Options for a PricePerHead

Players Need Easy to use Payment Options at a PricePerHead Convenient payment options are mandatory if you care about client retention at your PricePerHead. You must find the best ways to accept deposits and get the money in. First and foremost, you want the money, you need the money, and you will go broke if […]

Adjusting the Odds in Your Favor at a PricePerHead

Are you adjusting the odds in your favor? At your PricePerHead creating lines and odds for people to bet on is an art, it is an ability and something that might take years to learn and improve. If you’re a bookie, you know how important it is to offer the right odds for every game […]

Does Mobile Matter as a PricePerHead?

Mobile Is Important as a PricePerHead This is not true just in the PricePerHead business. If you’ve been in the sports betting business for a while you have seen major changes. You understand when we talk about the evolution that this industry has gone through in the last few years. Not so long ago, we […]

Who Sets The Prices for Price Per Head?

Prices Vary at Price Per Head Services Who sets prices at a Price Per Head? Bookmaking comprises various activities like creating betting lines, betting options for various sporting events, accepting and settling wagers. But, some people wonder how a price per head service sets prices for bookies. In this post, we discuss sportsbooks’ odds, market […]