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The Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head of 2018

Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Of 2018It’s that time of the year again where we start to rate the best gambling services in the industry.  We compile these reviews because we want to reward companies that strive to provide excellent services and products. This time, we are doing the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head of 2018 to help bookies setup their online operation.

To compile this list of the Best Sportsbook Pay Per head of 2018, we reviewed over 30 Bookie PPH services.  We literally opened and used the service of 30 different PPH service so we could rate them. In addition, we also compiled information from surveys from current PPH users.

To top it off, we also visited several sportsbook pay per head websites that provide bookie PPH reviews to double check our information.  Without further ado, here is the Handicappers Hideaway’s list of the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers of 2018!

The Top 5 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services of 2018

1. PayPerhead – $10 Per Player

PayperheadIf Sportsbook Pay Per Head companies were loyalty, PayPerHead.com would be the king. Over the years, PayPerHead.com has repeatedly distinguishes itself as the leader of the pack. They have an excellent sport betting platform that keeps getting better every year.

In addition, they offer they offer best sportsbook pay per head software in the business.  We are talking about the ASI and DGS gambling platform with the best live wagering rates in the industry. They have an amazing support department that is available 24/7 and real time reporting. They only offer quality product which include: sports betting, live betting, digital and mobile casino, racebook and more.

In addition, they have promos on a regular basis and at the moment they are offering a 35% credit cash back. If you want a PPH company that gives you and your players top service, PayPerHead.com is the way to go!

2. PricePerPlayer – $5 Per Player

Priceperplayer.comWhen it comes to excellent service and reputation, PricePerPlayer.com comes to mind. They have been in business since 2013 and have changed the face of the industry in a good way.

This is because they pride themselves on only offering the best service and gambling platform in the PPH industry.

In addition, at $5 per player it is an unbelievable price for everything you get.  Not counting an excellent customer service department, you also get an online casino, live casino, racebook, sportsbook and more.

3. RDGCorp – $10 Per Player

RdgcorpSince 1996, RDG Corp has been a leader in the PPH industry.  This is because of the quality of the service they offer in terms of gambling products and services. In addition, they offer some of the best player and agent interface in the business.

They have an easy to use agent reporting system and give you complete control over your players.

If you are looking for a high end sportsbook pay per head service that is above the rest, RDG Corp is the best solution for bookies.

4. DollarPerHead – $1 Per Player

Dollarperhead.com DollarPerHead.com is the bargain deal in the Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry.  You simple cannot beat paying $1 per player for a solid PPH service. In addition to having the lowest prices in the industry, they also offer a solid sportsbook pay per head service.

They are also known for using superior advance data security and processing technology.  Another great advantage of using their service is that they probably have the most advanced called center for sports betting.

5. RealPricePerHead – $7 Per Player

RealpriceperheadThis Sportsbook Pay Per Head Company distinguishes itself amongst the crowd by being a rock. It made our Top 5 List because it has always been dependable in terms of product and customer service.

RealPricePerHead.com is highly rated in the majority of Sportsbook Pay Per Head Reviews for many good reasons.  And it we are not just talking about our reviews but also on other review websites.

If you are going to use a Bookie PPH company, RealPricePerHead.com should be one to consider.

We originally planned a Top 10 List of the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head but changed our mind. This is because they are only a handful of very good Bookie PPH service that are worth mentioning. Since we did not want to dilute it with mediocre PPH services we stuck to a top 5 PPH list.

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