Becoming a Bookie, Agent?

Becoming a Bookie or Agent is Not Simple Sports bookie and agents are still in business. Times have slowed, that’s a foregone conclusion and we all know what’s happening in the world. The good news is this; you can get in for free with a great pay per head such as A1 PricePerHead. There is […]

Types of UFC Bets

UFC is a Hit at All Sports Betting Sites, Casino’s and PricePerHead UFC president Dana White recently confirmed that UFC 249 has been canceled and that all other events are postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19 concerns but sports will be back one day, hopefully, sooner rather than later and it’s always a good time to […]

Bookies: What Payment Method fits the Best?

Flexible Payment Methods Can Make or Break a Bookies Attention bookies, the time is now to think about payment options and what will work best for you during a windfall of business for the casino. The world is a crazy place right now but that doesn’t mean gamblers are not gambling. They are indeed gambling […]

Can You Do Upgrades on PricePerHead Services

Quality PricePerHead Services Have Upgrade Options When looking for a PricePerHead (PPH) bookie service, you’re going to notice a variety of prices for services that initially look the same. However, dig deeper and you’ll see not all services are the same. PricePerHead services differ in the level of service and features they provide. This is […]

Sports Betting, Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

Legal Sports Betting in the US Market is Changing the Game The sports betting market is becoming more regulated in many countries. There are some pros and cons to regulation as an offshore bookmaker and you need to be prepared for what’s coming. We’re going to focus on the US market in this article, as […]

What Should You look for on a PricePerHead Website?

Website and Software can Make or Break a PricePerHead The PricePerHead website brand is a unique thing, or at least it should be. We like to think there is still some individualism left in this business and we want to give you some friendly advice as to what matters for you as a bookie and […]

PricePerHead Profits are There to be Made

Do you Want to Achieve Record Profits This Season at Your PricePerHead Record Profits and your PricePerHead. We’re going into a very interesting stage of the sports season, with the NBA entering its final stretch, March Madness just around the corner, and the MLB season ready to return to the stage, among many other important […]

What are the Most Convenient Payment Options for a PricePerHead

Players Need Easy to use Payment Options at a PricePerHead Convenient payment options are mandatory if you care about client retention at your PricePerHead. You must find the best ways to accept deposits and get the money in. First and foremost, you want the money, you need the money, and you will go broke if […]

Paying your PPH Services

Don’t Let Paying for PPH Services Cause Headaches Is paying you PPH service causing you headaches? We know the feeling; we have been in your shoes and we can certainly empathize. Possibly it’s time to take a breather, maybe it’s time to evaluate why you are in this business and what your objective is. What […]

Adjusting the Odds in Your Favor at a PricePerHead

Are you adjusting the odds in your favor? At your PricePerHead creating lines and odds for people to bet on is an art, it is an ability and something that might take years to learn and improve. If you’re a bookie, you know how important it is to offer the right odds for every game […]