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Can You Do Upgrades on PricePerHead Services

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Quality PricePerHead Services Have Upgrade Options

When looking for a PricePerHead (PPH) bookie service, you’re going to notice a variety of prices for services that initially look the same. However, dig deeper and you’ll see not all services are the same.

A1 Priceperhead Services

PricePerHead services differ in the level of service and features they provide. This is why it’s important to not look solely at the price. It often leads to disappointment, which requires changing services again.

I also want to note that some of the prices you see advertised are starting rates. Essentially you’ll be able to access a stripped down package and you’ll need to pay more for even basic features.

To truly determine the value of a PricePerHead service you needed to compare the price and the number of available features. I’ve seen some of the lowest priced services omit common features and the introductory rate is simply to get you signed up with the service.

With that being said, there are upgrades available at many PPH shops. The upgrades are optional and won’t restrict your business in any way, but they can help you grow your bookie.

What Upgrades Are Available at PricePerHead?

While completely optional, upgrades are available at most PPH shops. They often aren’t advertised, but you can contact your PPH provider to find out what upgrades they offer to their clients.

  • Bet Alerts: New bookies won’t find a lot of value in receiving real-time bet alerts, but if you have 100s of people betting a popular event real-time data is crucial in assessing risk.
  • Business Dashboard: Some services offer an optional business dashboard customized with the real-time data you want. Want easy access to betting data or certain reports? There are numerous reasons to build a custom dashboard, but most of all it improves efficiency.
  • Data Feeds: PPH services set the odds for your bookie. In some cases, the bigger services have in-house teams, while smaller shops may only use data feeds. Some services can also offer data feeds on statistics, schedules and more for a small monthly fee.
  • Live Dealer Casino Games: Typically the top pay pay head providers will provide bookies with an online casino, but only featuring virtual games. If you want to offer your clients live dealer games then you have to pay an extra monthly fee. The increased revenues and credibility are worth it.
  • Improved Live Betting Platform: Offering a robust live betting platform isn’t simple. You need to have odds managers working to create odds for multiple markets for every game. If you want to offer your clients the best in-play betting experience you’ll need to upgrade.

Choose Your PricePerHead Wisely

There are always upgrades available when you’re a PPH bookie, but they’re optional. Some will help you with quality of life improvements, such as a custom dashboard, while others will help you grow your revenues, such as the improved live betting platform or live dealer casino games.

If the service you’re with doesn’t offer any upgrades I’d be concerned, as they’re clearly not worried about the growth of your business or theirs. As a new bookie you don’t need any of these upgrades, but once you begin to grow and make some money you can look at upgrading your set-up.


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