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What are the Most Convenient Payment Options for a PricePerHead

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Players Need Easy to use Payment Options at a PricePerHead

Convenient payment options are mandatory if you care about client retention at your PricePerHead. You must find the best ways to accept deposits and get the money in. First and foremost, you want the money, you need the money, and you will go broke if your clients can’t deposit. Let’s talk about some of the best options available and what you can do to improve your overall customer satisfaction.

  • Cash is king, so they say… Is it really? Who in their right mind says no to a boatload of cash, a bag of cash, or a suitcase filled with the green? Only those that have so much of it to begin with that they simply don’t care. If this is the case, then you are probably not a bookie and you certainly have no need to be a bookie. Most of you reading this are “local bookies”. You work the local scene and your clients are friends or people that you know, or friends of friends. You probably work the local bars, the neighborhood, even your workplace. Your clients know you; they trust you, and they bring you cash every time they go broke and want to attempt breaking you off again. You need these guys, you want these guys, you live for these guys because they are literally your bread and butter.
  • However, and there is a big “however” that you might not have thought about… Are your clients betting with you every time they bust out? Are they redepositing every time you break them? How do you know they are? It’s a high possibility they are not.
  • Face the facts: The competition is fierce, and it’s everywhere. You have competition that’s accessible with the click of a mouse, in less than 5-minutes. The “giants” of the online bookie world accept every kind of payment known to man. They accept Visa/MC, MoneyGram/Western Union, PayPal, money wire, bank wire, person to person, krill. Moneybookers, Bitcoin, and on and on it goes. Your competition is accepting every way possible to get the money in and you are accepting only cash. Do you see how this limits you? This not only limits you; it kills you.
  • You want your clients depositing with you at all cost and you should be accommodating them, and by “accommodating” we mean at 3:00 AM, at 6:00 PM, on weekends, on gameday, whenever, and wherever. You must accommodate your clients if you want o keep them in the fold. Oh sure, they will never leave you entirely, but they will certainly spend big money with the competition because they get the money in with no hassle.
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First Thing You Must do When Finding a PricePerHead

  • Find yourself a great pay per head, one that has a reputation for the best customer service and one that provides an 800 number that can be called from the United States. Find a PPH provider that hires an English speaking staff and one that is industry knowledgeable. Find one that has been in business for a decade or more and one that scores high on consumer surveys.
  • The PPH will give you an immediate online presence and they will help you find the best solution that fits you and your client’s need for deposit options. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Visa/MC, Western Union/MoneyGram, or any other method – the PPH will help you solve this problem. You want the deposit process to be smooth, quick, and easy for the client while not costing you an arm and a leg. You must lean on the PPH for the best practical advice when it comes to your money. Remember, you are in this business to earn a six-figure income and the PPH will help you succeed. They need you to succeed, they are depending on you and thousands of others to pay them on a weekly basis. What you must do is find the right PPH for you.

The best PPH providers have packaged their services into an all-inclusive deal that includes a fantastic, state-of-the-art, online bookmaking service, a world-class racebook with over 75-tracks, and a Las Vegas-style casino. You get everything starting at around $7 per head. They not only manage your business, but they also give you the tools to earn fantastic money. Call the PPH today.

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