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Bookies: What Payment Method fits the Best?

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Flexible Payment Methods Can Make or Break a Bookies

Attention bookies, the time is now to think about payment options and what will work best for you during a windfall of business for the casino. The world is a crazy place right now but that doesn’t mean gamblers are not gambling. They are indeed gambling and gambling more than ever before. Nothing stops a gambler! Especially when the gambler is cooped up at home.

The online bookie business is booming right now, the casino is going nuts. What you must do is be prepared with a fantastic pay per head and be prepared to offer your clients a great selection of payment methods. We always say “if you offer it” they will come. Now is the perfect time to offer your betting clients a Las Vegas-style casino and an online bookie service that accepts multiple payment methods. Let’s look at a few of the best.

Some of the Top Payments Methods for Bookies

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin has fast become the leading payment method for online casinos across the world. Clients love Bitcoin because it’s fast, convenient and cost-effective. You will love Bitcoin for the same reasons. It’s fast, easy, and the best way to handle funds in and funds out. You can offer your client a free payout per week without this costing you an arm and a leg! We highly recommend Bitcoin as your first option to receive deposits as well as for client payouts.
  • Credit Cards: In this day and age of Coronavirus, we highly recommend credit cards. Normally, we are not so high on this option for deposits and we never recommend credit cards for payouts. However, in today’s world, people do not want to get out of their homes, they don’t want to go anywhere. They want easy and if credit cards are the “easy solution” then, by all means, make this available. Find a great processor that’s “gaming-friendly” The pay per head can help you find the right solution. We do not recommend paying out with credit cards and instead of this we say open a PayPal account that you feel comfortable paying your clients from.
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The PricePerHead Offers for Bookies

  • The priceperhead is the perfect solution for all of your gaming needs. They offer you solutions for payment and deposit options as well as provide a fantastic online casino and sportsbook. As mentioned above, the casino is a cash cow right now. Folks are at home, they are bored, and they want to gamble on something. If you offer them a great casino, they will show up and play.
  • The pay per head is offering a white-label service that’s turnkey ready. All you need to do is call them and tell them you want a free trial and tell them what kind of online bookmaking shop that you are wanting to start. They will listen to you; they will work with you and the best news – you can be up and operational in less than a couple of days.
  • The priceperhead does all of the work for you. They set up all of the day’s action in the sportsbook, they set up the casino with all of the hottest slots and table gaming and they are your accountant. They take care of all the money. What you must do is find a way to bring the money in. from there, the PPH balances all of your player accounts. They account for every dollar in, and every dollar out. You will be privy to on-demand, players and free financial reports.
  • The PPH custom builds your casino and sportsbook for free. You will have an exclusive .com address for you and your clients. All you need to do is add your clients, take payment and get the ball rolling. Your clients can be gambling in less than a couple of days.

For around $7 per head, per week, you can start earning a fantastic income with an online casino. Now is the perfect time to find a PPH with a great reputation and one that will help you with payment solutions. Call the PPH, ask for a free trial and start earning what you are worth. The casino is hot, gamblers want in.

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