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Kyle Kuzma’s Trainer Clint Parks Called Out LeBron James

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Lebron James Diffuses Situation With Kyle Kuzma

LeBron James was called out by Parks on Friday and today he was interviewed by the media and did not add to the drama. The three-time NBA Champion diffused the situation and said that he and Kuzma have no issues.

“Kuz came to me yesterday after practice and told me what was going on and that was it. I don’t really care for somebody’s trainer or whatever the case may be. Everyone can have their own opinion,” James told reporters on Saturday. “Any time someone wants to get some notoriety they can throw my name in and people are gonna pick it up. that’s why you’re asking me about it. Because my name was in it. I’ve never met the guy, I don’t know the guy, I could care less for the guy. Whatever the case may be, I wish him the best.”

Clint Parks is also Kawhi Leonard’s trainer. On Christmas Day, the Clippers beat the Lakers for the second time this season and Parks made the following Instagram post:

“Watching Kawhi highlights from yesterday. NOBODY wants to speak on how sharp his skill set is compared to LeBron’s. It’s clear who’s really in the LAB and who isn’t. Let me hear the excuses I’m on vacation I got nothing but time.”

He also wrote: “Turn the film on. Somebody was dodging SMOKE yesterday and it wasn’t Kawhi.”

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