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How to Contract PayPerHead Businesses

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Contracts Should be User Friendly at Your PayPerHead

Every PayPerHead business runs things differently, which is why it’s important to make sure you find out the fine print details of every offer before committing to a PPH bookie service.

Typically the most reputable services are also the most straightforward. They won’t require you to sign a contract and you’ll be able to cancel the service at anytime without paying a fee.

Some services will require you to sign a contract and these can include various clauses. You may sign a contract and unknowingly have to pay extra fees for certain features.

Realbookies Pph Contracts

Top Rated PayPerHead Bookie Services

Here are some tips to follow to help you contract payperhead businesses in 2020:

● Read the Fine Print: The best companies have one price per head that you pay without any other hidden fees, commissions or revenue sharing. You pay one flat rate per active client every week and all of the profits you make are 100% yours to keep.

● Cost: You shouldn’t be paying more than $10/head for any PPH service. There are plenty of top rated services in the $5/head to $10/head range (based on volume). If you’re paying more than $10/head you’re cutting into your profits unnecessarily.

● Features: Don’t just glance over the features list of a PPH service. Make sure you request a demo of the software to check out the UI, settings and reporting features. You should also only consider PPH services that are responsive (mobile) and provide a casino/racebook.

● Free Trial: Not only do the best PPH services offer a free trial, but they won’t require you to make an initial deposit. Some PPH shops have free trials, but you have to send a deposit to cover subsequent fees after the trial ends, which locks you into using the service.

● Cancelling the Service: You should be able to cancel a PPH service at anytime and simply pay that week’s fees. Read through the terms or ask a sales rep whether or not the service has any sort of cancellation policy that would require you to pay extra fees to cancel.

Contracting a pay per head bookie solution should be easy and shouldn’t require a bookie to read through pages of fine print to ensure that they’re receiving a fair deal. At RealBookies, you’ll be able to open an account in minutes without a deposit using the four-week free trial.

What I like about RealBookies is that they have zero hidden fees. The price starts at $10/head and that’s the most you’re going to pay per client. If you have enough volume (active weekly bettors) then the cost per head can decrease. Bookies with 1000+ active players will only pay $7/head.

I wouldn’t recommend signing any commitment or volume contracts with a PPH service. You never know what can happen in this business and you don’t want to be on the hook to pay a fee for a service you didn’t end up using or because you don’t have enough volume.

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