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The Truth about how much Profit Online Bookies CAN Earn

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Smart Bookies Can Earn a Lot of Money With Right PPH

It is no secret that bookmaker’s, bookies, profits have skyrocketed over the last few years and there is a good reason for this; everyone wants in! Gamblers are gambling now more than ever, and they are coming out of the woodwork in all directions. The question is not how much profit bookies make but how they make it. We know that bookies are making a bundle of cash every year and we know that in large part this is due to the influx of gamblers, but how can bookies set themselves up to earn a six-figure income? You heard that right – a six-figure income. There is simply no reason for a great bookie to not be earning 100K or more, per year.

Payperhead247 Bookies Software
  • If you are a local bookie on any level, whether you have three clients or three hundred, you must be online with your service. If you are not online, then get online now and make it quick! The high season is right around the corner with March Madness looming and baseball on the horizon. The best bettors to have are baseball and horse racing. You want it all and we understand that, but you must appeal to baseball and horse bettors first.
  • Of course, we understand the importance of football and we acknowledge that football can and does bring in huge profits. The problem with football is the length of the season. It’s not very long and when its over, that it. You must have a backup plan in place and the only one we know of that works is by operating your business under the blanket of a pay per head.

PayPerHead You Choose Matters

  • The PayPerHead is a bookie software provider that offers a package deal for the low price of around $7 per head. That’s just $7 per active player and they can bet against you an unlimited number of bets per week for the one low price. That’s not $7 per bet. NO, that’s $7 per week. Once they make the first bet of the fiscal week, they can then place as many bets as they wish, and you pay nothing more than the $7 per head. Most bookies set a minimum wager amount such as $10, or $15, or maybe even $20. No matter what the amount is, it’s should always be more than the $7, this way, you have covered their cost for the week with one bet placed and the services of the pay per head are now free!
  • In order for a player to beat the bookmaker, the player must win at least 55% of the time. They must win at least 52% of the time in order to beat the juice. You clearly have the advantage over the player but they don’t care, they believe they can beat you.

Bookies Have to be Organized

  • What you must do as a bookie is to be organized with your money. You must budget your money and stick to the budget at all times. You know what your bankroll is and you know how much you can afford to lose. Do not break your own rules. Budget yourself and budget your players.
  • You can easily budget your players with a money-management system that the pay per head provides. The PPH balances your budget and they balance your overall intake and outgoing monies. You will always know where every dollar went and when every dollar came in the door. Now you have time to watch each player and understand what kind of better they are and how much to set for betting limits.
  • Setting betting limits should be a priority. Knowing your players is an absolute must and keeping up with what they are spending and how they are spending is a must.
  • The payperhead gives you on-demand reports anytime you want them, and they are free. You will always be in control of your money at all-times. No more guessing and no more getting burned.
  • Now is the best time to find a fantastic pay per head and sign up for a free trial offer. Find out what the PPH can do for you with no obligation.

PPH247 Is a Top of the Line PayPerHead

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