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Should I Book Through a Gaming Agent

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Master-Agent or a Sub-Agent? Which One is Better?

So, you want to enter the sports betting industry as a gaming agent of some kind, but you’re unsure if you want to be your own bookie? It’s possible to build up your player list while operating as a sub-agent through a master agent.

There are numerous pros and cons to being a sub-agent, but it can make sense. If you’re new to the industry and lack experience, gaining knowledge of the industry as a sub-agent is ideal.

Master agents generally have past or present experience operating a sportsbook. Many agents are bookie owners looking to expand their business by bringing on sub-agents to find new clients.

Knowing this, you can partner up with an experienced master agent to learn the ropes and to start bringing in some revenues to help you build up a bankroll to launch your own sportsbook.

Not everyone has a suitable bankroll to launch a sportsbook. You can make money as a sub-agent to build your bankroll and then when you have enough experience you can launch a bookie.

Payperhead247 Pph Software For Gaming Agent

Benefits of Starting out as a Sub-Agent

PPH services are the best at delivering agent solutions. Your master agent will likely be set-up on a price per head platform, which will allow you to learn how the software/features work.

● Learning Experience: While you don’t want to book your action through any gaming agent, there are some great master agents out there with decades of experience. Many of them want you to succeed, as it increases their revenue, and therefore they’ll help you out.

● Risk-Free: As a sub-agent you’ll earn a commission on your players’ losses at the end of every week/month. This means you have no risk. If your players win the master agent will need to pay them out, however, you’ll need to make up that amount before earning any money on losses. While it’s risk-free, your revenues are limited as a sub-agent.

● Building a Player List: Launching a bookie with a couple players isn’t ideal. If you operate as a sub-agent initially, you can build up your player list and then when you’re ready to launch your own sportsbook you can move your players to your platform. Make sure you build your reputation with the players so that they trust you and will move to your website when ready.

Gaming Agents Can be Beneficial

I actually recommend those new to the industry to start out as a sub-agent The learning experience is worth it, plus you’ll be able to build connections in the industry while working as a sub-agent. The connections you build can help you when you’re ready to launch your own sportsbook.

The major downside of being a sub-agent is the fact your revenues are limited. You can go months without earning anything if you have some big winners, which is why it’s important to not target sharp bettors. You want to find recreational players when building your player list.

You can become a bookie anytime using a PPH service, but don’t jump in with zero experience. Take some time learning the ropes as a sub-agent and focus on building a player list.

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