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One of the most important aspects of starting and building a successful bookmaking business is aligning yourself with a quality Pay Per Head company that will handle the bulk of the administrative aspects that go into the daily transactions that are a big part of the sports betting industry.
The dramatic shift towards the use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art sports betting software has also radically shifted how wagers are placed and general financial transactions are processed. PPH companies still employ a trained customer service department as part of their call centers, but the bulk of the daily activity is processed online through use of computers and other mobile devices.
For the majority of your customer base, their interaction with your PPH company will be through a website. You can take the easy way out and just rely on this generic site to service your customers or you can take that all-important next step by using a customized website that has been specifically designed for your bookmaking business. The best part of all is that the top PPH companies in the sports betting industry will build and host this customized site at no extra cost to you since it is already built into the price per head that you pay.
Years ago a typical bookmaker would grow their business locally through social interactions in their everyday life. This is still a valid strategy to build a customer base, especially when you are trying to get a new business off the ground, but we now live in a truly global environment where you can access customers from any local through your online presence.
Your customized website hosted by your PPH company is not only the primary point of contact for your existing customer base, it is by far the strongest marketing tool you have to expand that base. As an independent bookmaker you are competing against all the large offshore sportsbooks that rely heavily on their online presence to attract new customers to their betting service. By keeping your customized website fresh and constantly up-to-date, you will give yourself a much better chance to successfully compete in what has turned into a very competitive industry.
Your PPH company should be able to offer everything that the big sportsbooks can in terms worldwide betting lines, live in-play wagers and direct access to expanded horse racing, casino gambling and online poker. Your point of difference between your bookmaking business and faceless sportsbooks is the personal one-on-one service you can provide on a customer-by-customer basis. Your website will act as the face of the company, but your individual attention as an independent agent is what will separate you from the competition.
Another important feature of employing a customized website through your PPH company is the expertise they bring to the table to both develop and host the site. You do not have to be a computer wiz or a graphic design expert to get your site up and running. It is actually a turn-key operation where the PPH customer service department is more than willing to walk you through the entire process. You have the chance to add the design features and website elements that best suit your needs and their web design experts will build the site from the ground up to match these specs.
Your PPH company also bears the cost of hosting the site on their servers, which not only saves you money, it also helps to eliminate any down time by dealing directly with a trusted source.
If you are currently in the bookmaking business and do not have a customized website then this task should become your top priority. In today’s day and age on online interaction you need to bring a level of professionalism and legitimacy to your operation and a customized website is a huge step in the right direction. If you already have a site then your top priority is to make sure you are fully utilizing all the features and benefits it offers to help grow your business into a long-term profitable venture.

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