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How to Market Your Site as a Bookie

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Grow and Expand Your Overall Customer Base as a Bookie

One constant when you own a bookie is that you’ll always be marketing. Whether you’re watching a game at the local bar or you’re at home on the computer, you should be trying to obtain clients.

The money you make as a bookie is directly related to how many active bettors you have. The more action you can bring in to your sportsbook, the more money you’ll be able to make.

While you should always be trying to market and grow your overall customer base, there are times during the year when you can get more bang for your buck if you’re spending on marketing/ads.

Best Times to Increase Your Marketing

There are certain times of the year when more casual bettors are looking for a bookie online and you want to make sure you take advantage of these times to grow your bookie business.

Here are some of the times throughout the year when you should increase online marketing:

● NFL Preseason: There’s no better time to run a marketing campaign than the preseason when many people are looking for a bookie to bet with during the NFL season.

● NFL Playoffs: The two weeks leading up to the NFL Super Bowl is a great time to bring in some casual players that may not produce a lot of volume, but will still make you money.

● NBA/NHL/MLB Playoffs: Tons of people like to bet only during the playoffs when they watch the games on TV for the major US/Canada sports. The playoffs in all of the major sports presents a great time to market your bookie to casual bettors.

● Triple Crown Horse Races: The Kentucky Derby is the most popular horse race to bet on in the USA and thousands of people are looking to place bets for the three Triple Crown races every year. This is a great time to bring in new clients to the racebook side of your business.

● Special Events: Events like the FIFA World Cup or Olympics are a great time to bring in new bettors to your bookie because there are a rush of people looking for a bookie.

Marketing to Retain Your Players

As you bring in new players and increase your client base, it’s your job to retain them. It’s common to bring in a rush of players during special events and retaining a percentage of them that’ll turn into regular active clients. Just make sure you give them a reason to stay by offering great service.

Marketing your sportsbook can be costly, so it’s important to target the best opportunities only or else you’ll end up wasting a lot of money without seeing an increase in your player base.

Keep in mind, you only pay for active players every week when using a PPH service. Bringing in a rush of players at once is worth the cost even if they don’t end up staying loyal clients.

 Lastly, make sure you track and test everything to determine where you’re finding success and where you’re losing money, so that you can focus on the profitable marketing campaigns.

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