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Does Mobile Matter as a PricePerHead?

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Mobile Is Important as a PricePerHead

This is not true just in the PricePerHead business. If you’ve been in the sports betting business for a while you have seen major changes. You understand when we talk about the evolution that this industry has gone through in the last few years. Not so long ago, we were all stuck in a big office, with hundreds of phones ringing off the hook, with big, white computer boxes that took all the space, and many, many people taking bets all day long.

Things quickly went from hand-written tickets, in many cases, to a wagering computer software that came to solve many issues, of course, but also had its many limitations. One of those limitations was that the equipment was big and expensive. Bookies from all over the world had to get these huge office spaces to be able to fit all these people, and have them in there placing bets for long hours and days, which, of course, brought expenses up and made everything harder on bookies.

The good news about all this is that things have changed and evolved quickly in this industry, and PricePerHead and operators like A1PPH have come to make things a lot easier, more efficient and more dynamic, focusing on a mobile approach to sports betting.

Mobile era in the sportsbook industry

To answer the initial question; yes! Mobile does matter! It’s not only easier and a lot more accessible, but as in any other business, bookies just need to evolve and adjust to these times and the global trends that dictate the markets.

The truth is that the world runs on mobile nowadays, almost 100%. Sportsbooks have the need and the opportunity now, to go ahead and transform into the mobile platform that customers need, to be able to access their product safely and efficiently, at any time, from anywhere in the world and from any device.

Wagering platforms like the one that A1PPH offers you, are the tool you’re looking for, to help your business climb to the top level of success, and in a matter of just a few days. With us, for just a small weekly fee per active customer, you will be able to enjoy the best possible mobile wagering experience, in sports, horse racing casino and virtual games, all in one.

PricePerHead will give you all the tools you need, for your operation to be able to grow in the right direction and become a world-class sportsbook, for the minimum cost and risk.

Mobile solutions for mobile PPH players

Keep this in mind when you make your business-related decisions; players right now are looking for a service that will allow them to place their bets or play their games at any time of the day and in any circumstance. From the stadium, from the office, from the supermarket, from the toilet or from bed, players are expecting to have your service at hand at all times and be able to place their bets in just a few clicks.

Here at A1PPH we have the right solutions for you and your operation. Contact us right now and let’s talk about your needs. We’re ready to help!

Learn more about PayPerHead:

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