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The Bookie Culture has Changed Immensely

The sports betting landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, moving rapidly out of the shadows and into the mainstream. A bookie is no longer taboo. It wasn’t that long ago that sports leagues desperately attempted to distance themselves from any association with gambling. They conveniently neglected to acknowledge the role of injury reports play, especially in the NFL, but apparently that’s all in the past.

In more than 20 states, sports betting is legal as long the wagers are made through approved online and/or casino based sportsbooks. The online offerings utilize the latest available technology and give bettors an easy and enjoyable wagering experience. Of course, there are still almost 30 states where major corporate sportsbooks are not permitted to operate.

A1 Priceperhead Bookie Software

Traditionally, local sports betting agents, or “bookies” are where bettors turn when looking to place wagers on sports. Given the illicit nature of taking bets, bookies have operated in bars and other places where current or potential gamblers gather. Phone calls and more recently texts were the way bookies communicated with their clients.

As opposed to the more modern online sportsbooks, these sports betting agents could be more appropriately be referred to as a call bookie. To make a bet, a client needed to either meet with their bookie or contact them by phone. It created a culture where the bookie is always circulating or has a phone to their ear.

With the development of Pay Per Head (PPH) software, that culture is changing. Bookies have an opportunity to offer their clients the same type of wagering experience as the major online sportsbooks. The account based system allows the bookie to sign up their clients and give them the ability to use an online sportsbook to view lines and place wagers.

The PPH service allows the bookie and their customers to have the best of both worlds, taking advantage of technology while still giving personal customer service. There is no way that Caesar’s Entertainment or BetMGM can accomplish both of those things. PPH software can transform the business from a call bookie to an online sports betting agent.

The sportsbook component of the system shows lines and allows wagers on all major sports. Games and events in the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, soccer, NASCAR, college sports, golf, tennis, MMA/UFC, boxing and others are included. There isn’t a season during which a bookie’s clients can’t place wagers.

All popular wagering types are available, including futures, spreads, money line, over/under, parlays and propositions. Live in-game betting as well as horse racing and casino games are also offered. The user interface is easy to navigate and wagers can be made after just a few clicks of a mouse. Clients are able to have as much or as little wagering choices as the bookie wants them to have.

The bookie has total control of the settings on every customer account. They can set limits on wagering types, sports and even the amount of the bets a client can make. All of that functionality is provided for a flat fee per client that makes a wager during the billing period, generally a week. The bookie can expect to pay between $7 and $15 per client, depending on the number they have.

The more clients, the lower the fee, which is the only cost the bookie is responsible for. The PPH provider handles all website and software maintenance and even establishes opening lines and odds. It also doesn’t matter how much action an individual client books because the fee isn’t dependent on activity.

Using an online PPH service clearly marks a transformation in how a bookie operates their business. They no longer have to be concerned with spending time on the phone taking bets, but instead in front of their computer screen analyzing their business. They still need to be cultivating new, reliable customers, but no longer have to personally handle every wager.

The change from a call bookie to an online sports agent will change the way a bookie runs their business, but in this competitive environment it will help increase their credibility. They will be viewed as a business owner that takes their customer relationships seriously enough to give them the latest and greatest in technology.

There is a great website to go for more information on the PPH model and how to sign up for a robust, reliable service at www.A1PPH.com

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