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Virtual casino games, the new thing?

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Virtual Casino Games are Becoming More Popular

Virtual casino games are the hottest trend in gambling for one reason; the stakes are lower than Vegas, or anywhere else that you may find a brick and mortar casino. Instead of paying a minimum of $3.00 per spin, players have the option to play .1 cent, or .5 cents, and on up. The table games are operated under the same principle; they are cheaper. Players love the price and they love betting in their underwear! Really, folks no longer have to plan a trip to the nearest reservation or to Las Vegas, they now have hundreds of options at their fingertips. If gamblers can click a mouse, they can play in a virtual casino, win real money, and be honestly paid for those wins.

Realbookies Virtual Casino Games

As a bookie, you must take full advantage of the online casino. The virtual casino is an online casino. What you must do in order to earn a fantastic income is offer a great online virtual casino. Your clients want a casino and it’s a slam dunk guarantee that your clients are not loyal to you without it.

  •  Find an online presence right now: If you want to keep the clients that you have, then you must get on the move and find a pay per head that can get you there tomorrow! There is simply no other way. Sure, you pay for a domain name, web hosting, site-building, and all that goes along with opening a website – think about one thing… What do online bookmakers look like? Think about this in your mind’s eye. You know them, you know the “big boys” of the industry and you know what their webpage looks like; it’s complicated!
  •  Forget that hard work hassle, it’s not worth your time or your money. In order to build a website that looks even somewhat similar to any big name in the online gaming industry, you will need thousands, and thousands of dollars and the process will always be ongoing. This type of website is not easy, and certainly not cheap.

*You can have a website just as the “big boys”, for free.

  • The pay per head providers have packaged the online sportsbook, racebook, and virtual casino into one, turnkey offering. They are now offering the bookie a fully-functional gaming website that offers all of the fantastic virtual games that include all of the latest slot machines, along with the best in table games that feature live dealers. You can’t and won’t find a better way to do business.
  • The sportsbook is fun, and the task of a bookie, while crazy, and time consuming, it’s fun. Let’s face the cold, hard facts. Operating a sportsbook can be marginal. The profits are not always there and many times you will get beat. Players have a wealth of information at their fingertips and they come loaded to beat you. Their number one goal as a player is to beat you and they don’t care how bad they beat you.
  • Having a virtual casino is an alternative to this problem. The casino is a guaranteed moneymaker, it’s your cash cow.
  • Sports bettors get bored easily and they want something to gamble on between halves, quarters or during the game, and they especially want this during baseball.
  •  If you build the casino your players will be loyal to you, in fact, they will love you and your bottom line will quickly reflect the difference.
  • The best pay per head providers are offering the best virtual casinos with the best virtual games, for a great price.
  • You do not need to be wealthy to operate a casino. For one low ‘pay per head price,’ you get the online sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino. You get all in one for around $7-$10 per head.
  • You pay only when your players are active – if they play once, then you pay the $7 fee one time for the fiscal week and nothing more, the player may play as much as they choose, you pay once per week.

Now is the time to make the most of a virtual casino by offering it to your clients. You can get in overnight and pay nothing for 4-weeks. The PPH does everything for you including offering the .com address as well as the full-on website. Call today and start earning what a bookie should be earning.

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