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Top 3 Pay Per Head providers for 2019

Top 3 Pay Per Head Providers

Choose Your Pay Per Head Providers Wisely

Independent bookmakers are looking for a solution for their business that works. Bookies are tired of the nonstop hassle that comes with the job. This has nothing to do with lazy, a lack of work ethic, or lack of commitment. This has everything to do with efficiency, doing the job right, correctly and placing yourself in a position to earn a fantastic income. Gather the tools around you to be successful, find out what works and be willing to step out of the rut that you have been in. Bookies have an opportunity to earn a fantastic income but in order to do so, you must make the most of every opportunity. Find a great pay per head provider and start living again.

No. 1 RealBookies.Com

    • RealBookies.com has been leading the industry as a PPH provider for more than a few years and they are still going strong. Their continued success can be attributed to more than a few very important factors.

    • What you get with RealBookies.com is an automated platform that not only works miracles for you, it works miracles for your client with a user-friendly interface and all the wagering bells and whistles of any major, power-player – online sportsbook, in the industry.

    • Realbookies.com offers more than 80-sports leagues from around the world. Your clients will never be without an event to bet on.

    • You get the benefits of a website with a .com address that used exclusively for you and your clients. You now have an online presence and your players can bet on your site 24/7.

    • With more than 70-tracks from around the world, RealBookies.com offers the very best in horse racing action.

    • Your clients will have the opportunity to use a mobile device with an APP that is top-notch in the industry.

    • RealBookies.com offers live in-game wagering along with more than 100 casino games.

    • Realbookies.com has been a bookie favorite for a very long time with its award-winning 24/7 client support. Not only do you get the support, but your clients also have access to the same.

Real Bookies Banner

No. 2 A1PPH.Com

    • A1pph.com is a great way to jump in and get your feet wet. They offer a 30-day free trial and there is no obligation whatsoever. You are afforded the use of the software and should you decide that the PPH gig is not for you, then by all mean – jump out. There is no upfront deposit to use the service and you will enjoy all the benefits just as if you are a paying client.

    • With an award-winning PPH provider such as aipph.com, you know that you are always getting the best price in the industry at $7 per head or less. Make no mistake, there are other PPH providers on the internet that may charge $1, or $2 per head. We know these folks and we know from dissatisfied users that in this business, one gets what one pays for!

    • With a1pph.com you will enjoy the benefits of instant account setup and you will pay for active players only. When they play at least once in a fiscal week, you pay the nominal fee.

    • Reports are a big deal to any bookie that cares about the bottom line. If you care where every dollar goes and if you care about a budget and who’s beating you and who’s losing, then aipph.com is the right choice with their on-demand player and financial reports.

    • With aipph.com you will enjoy the luxuries of a well-established PPH provider and a trusted industry name that offers the best of the best in the casino, and horse racing entertainment for clients that want it all. You can’t go wrong with aipph.com.


No. 3 Payperhead247.Com

    • We say “No. 3” however, this trusted PPH provider is right there with the best of the best and certainly a fan favorite for their friendly customer service and their user-friendly interface.

    • What you get is software for bookies that is turnkey and white-label, and it all comes with a friendly price tag of around $7-$10 per head.

    • Your clients will love your new online sportsbook, racebook, and casino because it looks like the “big boys”. They will think they are on one of the big sites of the online gaming industry. They will love having access to beating you 24/7 and that’s exactly what you need. You need the cross-action.

    • Payperhead247.com offers all of the best sports leagues and the very best in Las Vegas-style casino action.

    • No matter how big or how small you may be, whether you want to be an agent, a sub-agent or have many agents and sub-agents, payperhaed247.com is the place to hang your hat.

    • Payperhead247.com is a fantastic PPH provider that has been in business for more than 10-years and they understand bookies and better yet, they understand gamblers. This group is worthy of your time and money. They are certainly worth giving their free trial a shot to see if you like them.


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