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A1 Priceperhead Software For Gambling Business


A Gambling Business Huh? If you’re thinking of joining the wild and exciting sports betting industry, we have good news for you! With the help of Price per Head, becoming a bookie has never been safer or cheaper, and so it’s time to jump in and make the best decision of your professional life.

A1 Priceperhead Services

There was a time when creating your own sportsbook business was quite hard and expensive, it just wasn’t thought for everyone, to be honest. However, Price per Head providers like www.A1PPH.com have come to change that completely. They can give you the best turnkey solution so that you can have a real shot at this and become a world-class bookie with a high quality Gambling Business.

Why is Price per Head the best turnkey solution for your new sportsbook

There are many reasons why Price per Head is the best option and the best path you can follow, once you decide to join the sports betting industry. Convenience is one of the reasons, trust, price, experience, and we can keep the list going.

First of all, here at www.A1PPH.com we have some of the most experienced personnel for every single need. From the best Customer Service representatives and wagering clerks to the most experienced and sharpest line movers in the world. We have some of the best software developers in the business, graphic designers, UX/UI experts, tech people and office managers.

We have worked for years in creating the best possible sports betting software, simple, fast, and easy. Your players will always be able to enjoy the best possible online wagering experience, find their teams and markets easily and be able to place their bets after just a couple of clicks, without ever worrying about privacy or data safety.

On your side, as the bookie in your own gambling business, you will also have access to the best reporting tool platform, as well as a simple backend which will allow you to keep control of your players, set profiles and limits, make payments and even adjust lines if you want.

How much does PricePerHead cost?

This is the best part. Joining a good per head operator like www.A1PPH.com will only cost you a few hundred dollars a week, depending on the number of players you have. With us you get to pay $7 per head or less. This means that you pay $7 weekly for each active head, so, to put it in numbers, let’s say you have 25 active players during the week, this means that, in total, all you would need to pay is $175 for that week, and this covers everything we already mentioned, and more.

There are no commissions or hidden fees once you join Price per Head, your money belongs to you and will stay in your pocket. What are you waiting for?

This is the chance to join and claim your piece of the pie. The sports betting industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the whole world and now you get to be a part of it! Give us a call today and get ready for the ride of your life!


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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