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Offering Big Underdog Odds, is this What Gamblers are Looking For?

Realbookies Offers Big Underdog Odds

Some Gamblers Love to Bet Big Underdog Odds

Gamblers are looking for anything of value to bet on and large underdog odds are a large part of that. It’s a guarantee they will bet on it if you are offering it. The question is, why is it better to offer big underdogs?  Underdogs steal the show and they often win, however, the perception to the gambler is “tons of money for very little risk”.

This brings in the masses. If you are offering big underdogs and splashing it on your cover page, again, this brings in the masses. Now, you are most likely a local bookie and you may be thinking about the risk factor. Here is the deal, underdogs hit around 48-55% of the time in the NFL. What you are looking for (especially in these times) is cross action. You need all of the “action” that you can get, and you need it right now. Revenue is king. Take your business online with a fantastic pay per head provider and offer your players all of the options that you can’t as a local bookie.

Realbookie Sportsbook Underdog Odds

Find a Quality PayPerHead Site

  • Get online today, you must! Listen, we can’t stress this enough. If you are a local bookie without an online presence, then you must take your business online and move your clients to an online account. You have an amazing opportunity to earn a fantastic income right now, but you won’t do it locally. These are the facts, and many local bookies have launched out with a pay per head since March.
  • COVID-19 came along at the worst time for bookies, it canceled March Madness! Who would have ever thought this event would not be played? March Madness is the single-most bet on-event, of the year. More than the Super Bowl, more than the World Series, the NBA Finals, the World Cup, and even more than most of these events combined.
  • Not all is lost. There is indeed a mountain of great news. Bookies that have taken their business online are now earning more profits than they did this time last year and most of them are earning more than they ever have in their lives. Why? They have an online casino as well as an online racebook to offer.
  • Gamblers are sick of “normal” in “unnormal times”. The good news, they are still gambling. Gamblers will gamble on anything they think will win money. It doesn’t matter what sports are available or unavailable, it doesn’t matter what the odds are, underdogs or favorites. What matters is that it’s in front of them because you put it there.
  • As a local bookie, you have very little to offer your clients in the best of times. Sure, you have a ton of sports options all year long, this is true, but think about something, is the sportsbook always profitable? NO, think about this. Do sportsbooks in Las Vegas always turn huge profits?
  • Sportsbooks in Las Vegas do not always turn huge profits. The sportsbook business in general can be extremely marginal. Sports gamblers are smarter and more educated than ever before, and they have more resources to beat you with than ever before. They win much of the time. They use computer AI picks service like Gameadvisers.com to help them beat the house.
  • We are not telling you to throw the baby out with the bathwater! No, you need the sportsbook to appeal to a certain client, this brings in the masses, just as huge underdog odds bring in the masses.
  • What we are saying is have a backup plan, Gamblers are still spending a pile of money online and if you offer them options, they will be spending it with you. Don’t let them get away.

Quality PayPerHead Sites Offer Big Underdog Odds

Find a top of the line pay per head and one that charges fair PPH fees. $7-$13 is the average range for a great PPH with a standup reputation. The PPH will build your gaming website free of charge and along with it, you are privy to all three gaming genera.

You will have a state of the art sportsbook, that features every sport being bet on around the world, you will have a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks, and to top it all off, you will have a Las Vegas-style casino. Everything is free and they do all of the work. All you do is bring your clients and pay a fair PPH fee, nothing more, Make the call.

More information at: why it is better to offer big underdog odds


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