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NFL Betting is Here! Set a Weekly Promotional Schedule

Nfl Betting

Players Need Options for NFL Betting

We’re days away from the start of the 2020 NFL season. NFL Betting is a key to a bookies survival. Despite no delays or hiccups leading up to kickoff, it feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity to promote NFL action.

On September 10th, the Houston Texans face the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch of the AFC divisional round. When they met, the Chiefs stormed back from a 24-0 deficit to blow out the Texans 51-31.

From opening-week on, the NFL is the focus of the sports betting world. Bookies should ensure they maintain their clients’ interest by offering unique bonuses and promotions all season.

Here are some NFL betting promotions bookmakers attempt.

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NFL Weekly Match Bonuses

The most mainstream player bonus is the match bonus. Essentially, it’s an offer to match what players put into their account – up to a certain amount.

Most sportsbooks offer 50%-100% matches on their deposit up to $20-or more. And depending on the week, you can provide multiple matches throughout the season and change it based on player interest.


  • 100% Match up to $50
  • Two 50% Matches up to $25 for Week 2
  • Three 25% Matches up to $20 for Week 3
  • 50% Match up to $100

You can play around the numbers based on how many customers you have, their deposit limits, and their deposit methods.

Be sure to let your players know if there is a playthrough requirement for the bonuses they receive. For example, if a player gets a $50 match with 3X playthrough, they need to make $150 in wagers, win or lose, before withdrawing the bonus.

NFL Cashback

A great way for bookies to garner interest in their NFL sportsbook is to offer cashback based on a player’s weekly NFL Betting losses. For example, if a bookie provides a 10% cashback on NFL wagers, and the player’s net loss is $50 over the weekend, a $5 bonus would be their cashback on Monday.

With cashback, the offer can go in several different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Cashback Mondays: A XX% NFL cashback after a losing Sunday available for Monday Night Football.
  • Cashback Parlays: Cashback on NFL Parlays losses only
  • Cashback Props: Bet on Sunday’s best players and receive a bonus if you have a net loss.

If a bookie offers a safe cashback rate that doesn’t hurt their bottom line, they stand to keep their players happy while maintaining a hefty profit through the season.

NFL Parlay Bonus

NFL parlays are a staple to a profitable sportsbook, and when an individual player hits one, it only attracts more wagers. NFL parlay odds are too much in the house’s favor to not advertise them as much as possible.

Offering an extra bonus if they place a parlay is a great way to give players a free play while securing more parlays in the future.

NFL Survivor Pool

A survivor pool is a great way to offer bettors a side contest. The premise is simple, assemble a group of players to each choose one NFL team every week to win or cover the spread. The players that pick the winners that week move on. The players that pick losers don’t.

The lone survivor at the end of the season gets the cash prize. You can offer the contest a few  ways:

  • Free Entry Pool: An open pool where the sportsbook provides the cash prize.
  • Cash Entry Pool: A pool with an entry fee where the number of players registered contributes to the cash prize.
  • Cash Re-Entry Guaranteed Pool: A guaranteed cash prize is offered, but all entries and re-entries contribute to the pot.

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