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Bookie Guide on Overtime Rules in Sports Betting

One of the rules that most sportsbooks follow is that all bets include overtime unless stated otherwise. Thus, the most common wagers have scores that take place during overtime. In addition, they include totals, moneylines, player props, and point spreads. If that is still unclear, here is a bookie guide on overtime rules in sports wagering.

For example, you bet on NFL over at 47, and the game goes into overtime with the score tied at 23-23. If a team scores a field goal, then you win the wager. However, many bets do not include OT. A bookie pay per head will label them clearly, such as 60 minutes only or excluding overtime.

Bookie Guide on Overtime Rules

Bookie Guide On Overtime Rules In Sports Betting

You can assume that all markets include scoring in overtime. For instance, Betting on the Chiefs at -2 against the Patriots, you won the wager if Kansas City wins by 38-34 in overtime. It does not matter if the game was even at the end of the regulation. Also, most props consider the scores in overtime.

According to sportsbook pay per head news, most second-half wagers count overtime. For instance, if you bet on the Warriors -2 in the second half and they lose the half by a one. However, the game went into an extra period. You win the wager if the Warriors win by more than two points in overtime.

Some sportsbooks have house rules on overtime. For example, some bookies do not consider overtime for second-half wagers in football. However, bookies usually consider overtime for basketball games.

Then there is the three-way line for soccer and hockey. You can wager on whether Team A wins, Team B wins, or if it is a tie. In this market, overtime does not count because wagers are settled after regulation time.

Those are some rules about overtime. Aside from betting, you can also profit from sports by learning how to become a bookie. You can start one with the help of a pay per head solution.

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