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Beginners’ Guide to Tennis Prop Bets and Futures

Beginners' Guide To Tennis Prop Bets And Futures

Tennis is a sport that’s not as popular as football and basketball among betting fans. However, aside from the standard betting options, you can make tennis prop bets and futures. Here’s a guide on prop bets and futures in tennis. Tennis wagering presents a unique opportunity for players. It is an individual sport that relies on fewer moving parts. Thus, ...

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How to Bet on NHL Totals

How To Bet On Nhl Totals

There are many ways to wager on NHL games. One of the most exciting options is to Bet on NHL totals. Furthermore, you can bet on individual game totals or for the entire season. Here’s sports handicapping guide on how to bet on NHL totals. Single-game totals are one of the most thrilling wagers you can make on a nightly ...

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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Bookie

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Bookie

If you love o bet on sports, you need to find the right sportsbook. Although prominent commercial sportsbooks exist, an independent bookie tends to provide better customer service. When looking for a bookie, there are factors that you need to consider. Our in-house pay per head bookie experts provide you with a guide on how to tell a good bookie ...

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Final Four Betting Guide – March Madness Tips

Final Four Betting Guide – March Madness Tips

The NCAA Final Four will begin on Saturday. Even if your favorite team is already out of the running, you can still place some bets on the semifinals of the Men’s Basketball Tournament. Here are some March Madness betting strategies and tips for the upcoming matches. Basketball betting fans are looking forward to the Villanova vs. Kansas and North Carolina ...

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What is Dead Heat Betting?

What Is Dead Heat Betting?

Sports betting is as easy as choosing the winning side. However, there are times when the result is a tie. That’s where dead heat betting comes into play. According to bookie pay per head experts, dead heats are a kind of tie. However, it’s somewhat more mind-boggling than that. If you’ve never heard the term, you can observe all you ...

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What Is a Sports Handicapper

Being A Sports Handicapper Is Not Easy

Actually What is a Sports Handicapper? If you are relatively new to the world of sports betting, you have probably heard the term “handicapper” or “sports handicapper.” It’s a term that isn’t exactly defined by its name, but as a sports bettor you should know what a handicapper is. TIPS FOR HANDICAPPING DURING THE HOLIDAYS Defining a Sports Handicapper In ...

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BetAnySports Adds a Interactive Prop Bet Builder

Betanysports Logo

BetAnySports is Adding More and More Tools to Their Website (Video Below) BetAnySports is making it easier to sift through 200+ on major college football games, Monday Night Football and other prime-time NFL Games. It is easy to overlook value prop bets with lists that long. Now with more and more games being in prime-time and other plush time periods ...

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