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Beginners’ Guide to Tennis Prop Bets and Futures

Tennis is a sport that’s not as popular as football and basketball among betting fans. However, aside from the standard betting options, you can make tennis prop bets and futures. Here’s a guide on prop bets and futures in tennis.

Tennis wagering presents a unique opportunity for players. It is an individual sport that relies on fewer moving parts. Thus, sports handicapping matches is more straightforward. Here are some things you need to know when betting on tennis props and futures.

Tennis Prop Bets and Futures

Beginners' Guide To Tennis Prop Bets And Futures

The best bookie software has a section for tennis futures and prop bets. Propositional bets are wagers on various aspects of the game. Also, they are performance or statistically based. For instance, a prop bet could allow you to wager on over/under of the total aces in a match. In addition, some pay per head operators have props for unforced errors during the game.

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If you are familiar with the tennis player or know the match history between two individuals, it is easy to find value in props.

Then there are futures. Betting on futures is a good way of diversifying your portfolio. Also, it refers to wagers for tournaments and events happening in the future. For instance, you can wager who will win the Wimbledon a couple of months before the event starts.

Futures often pay more than regular wagers. For example, a futures wager on Rafael Nadal to win Wimbledon would have odds at +500. However, he could be at +200 once the tournament starts. Also, he could become a -300 favorite if he makes it to the event’s second round.

On the downside, there’s risk involved due to the higher juice. Also, your money will be tied up with the sportsbook for a long time. Those are the factors to consider when betting on futures.

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