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Are Free Trials a Good Option at a PayPerHead?


Many PayPerHead (PPH) services offer new clients a free trial

Many PayPerHead (PPH) services offer new clients a free trial to test out the software, among other features. I’m regularly asked whether or not a free trial is a good option for a bookie.

New or established bookies should definitely accept a free trial before committing to a PPH shop.

There are so many competitors in the price per head industry and many companies offer little to no service or support. Wouldn’t you prefer finding out whether a service is useless before paying money to the company? This is why it’s always beneficial to claim a free trial initially.

A lot of PPH shops will happily offer you a free trial, as they need to in order to remain competitive.

However, you should be able to quickly distinguish between the best/worst shops after a week or two. Make sure you not only test out the software, but find out how helpful the company is. If the company doesn’t provide a high-level of support than you’ll be stuck doing everything yourself.

If you’re inexperienced you’re going to be overwhelmed by everything. It’s a guarantee that you’re going to need help getting everything set-up and running properly, especially if you’re new.

Tips for Utilizing a Free Trial From a PayPerHead Bookie Service

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most of your free trial. Remember, the goal is to make sure you’re partnering up with a company that you feel confident in.

  • Software/Website: Your players are the most important part of your business as a bookie and nothing bugs a player more than a poor user experience (UX). Make sure you spend some time navigating the website on a PC and smartphone just as your players would, to determine whether or not your players are going to complain about the experience. You can even have a handful of your players set-up accounts and review the software and give you their opinions. If you’re already an established bookie you don’t want to set-up your entire player list on the platform before you know whether or not you’re going to stick with the service.
  • No Financial Commitments for New Bookies: If you’re a new bookie and you only have a few players ready to bet, set them up with accounts right away. Some trials can extend for up to four weeks and you can save some cash as you’re starting up your business.
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