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What Makes Soccer Betting Different from other Sports?

You can wager on other sports besides basketball, football, and baseball. If you want to expand your sports wagering portfolio, we recommend soccer. It is a popular sport that you can bet on throughout the year. Although it has similarities with other sports, we discuss the ways soccer betting is different from basketball, baseball, football, and other sports when it comes to betting.

Regarding betting on soccer, the most popular options are three-way moneyline, Asian handicaps, and double chance. We’ll discuss each type in this sports handicapping tutorial.

Common Soccer Betting Types

What Makes Soccer Betting Different From Other Sports?

The first common soccer wagering type is the three-way moneyline. Unlike football and basketball games, ties are common in soccer. Thus, players have three choices when wagering on the soccer moneyline. You can bet on Team 1 to win, Team 2 to win, or a Draw. Also, the wagers are settled after full-time. That means it includes any injury time added to the game.

The next common soccer wagering type is the Asian handicap. Depending on the bookie pay per head software, you can see it listed as handicap or spread. Also, the totals are lower compared to that of other sports. You’ll see spreads of -0.5, -1.5, +0.5, and +1.5.

Lastly, there’s the double chance. It allows you to wager on two out of the three possible results of the three-way moneyline. Since this type of wager will stack the odds in your player, the odds will be short.

Betting on soccer futures is also a possibility. Bookies open the lines before the start of the season. Also, bookies close the lines at the end of each week. Then, they readjust them before reopening the lines to the public again.

Those are the common soccer betting types. Check our other betting tips and tutorials on soccer and other sports.

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