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What Is a Sports Handicapper

Sports Handicappers Are A Rare Breed

Actually What is a Sports Handicapper?

If you are relatively new to the world of sports betting, you have probably heard the term “handicapper” or “sports handicapper.” It’s a term that isn’t exactly defined by its name, but as a sports bettor you should know what a handicapper is.


Defining a Sports Handicapper

In relation to sports betting, a handicapper is someone who studies and analyzes data from sporting events in an effort to gain an advantage in making correct sports betting decisions.

Handicappers pore over statistics, analytics, and more in order to make winning betting picks.

This is something most anyone can do, but professional sports handicappers do this for hours at a time. It is their job to search for any tidbit of information that may gain them an advantage in filling out a bet slip.

You can save time AND make money. You just need to pay for sports picks for better betting results.

Types of Handicappers

Like most any business, you will find handicappers that are more generalists as well as those that specialize. Think of going to see your family doctor. He is well-versed in most medical issues, but he will refer you to a specialist for something that needs more attention.

There are sports handicappers that offer premium picks and advice on football, basketball, baseball, and more. Many handicappers choose to specialize in a sport or two much like a cardiologist specializes in just dealing with issues related to the heart.

Bettors can find sports handicappers that focus just on the NFL. There are those that use a model they developed to arrive at their picks. Others may use intuition or feeling. Some handicappers focus on certain bets like moneyline bets or game totals bets.

Be sure your online sportsbook offers every wager released by your capper. If not, you waste money buying picks you cannot bet on. Take a look at 1Vice.ag, they are a rare sportsbook that personalizes sports betting.

When to Use a Sports Handicapper

There are a number of times when a bettor could enlist the services of a handicapper.

The biggest reason for using a professional capper is time.

It is much more convenient for the average bettor to have a professional do the research and arrive at a betting decision than it is for the bettor to do it himself. It’s easy to jump on board of a winning streak by following the hottest cappers.

There are bettors that may be on a long losing streak that they just can’t seem to shake. It would benefit the bettor to get some help from a professional and turn that losing streak around. 

There are also those bettors that simply want to win more bets. Consider using a handicapper as an investment. If a handicapper can help you improve your winning percentage and ultimately your bankroll, then it is a win.

Choosing a Handicapper

Think about what you do when you make any major purchase. Put the same thought and effort into choosing a sports handicapper.

Look for names you can trust. Look for handicappers with long track records of success. The best in the business will be completely transparent. They will share their records and how they have done over time. The good ones also offer some sort of guarantee.

Find out what services they offer and, just like buying a car or a new smartphone, let your gut and instincts work for you. If something doesn’t feel right, then you’re probably best off going with your gut.

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