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What are Exotic Wagers – Bookie 101

When you start a bookie business, you need to understand all types of bets. Most players go for simple wagers, such as money lines, totals, and point spreads. Then there are exotic wagers, which are also known as prop bets.

Exotics offer quick sports betting opportunities. They are bets that players wouldn’t usually think to do. When you hear about an exotic wager, it is generally about a prop bet or something that’s non-sport related, such as politics or entertainment.

Exotic bets are anything other than point spread, run line, parlay, puck line, or other common types of wagers. The most common use of exotic in betting is at the race track when you are betting on ponies.

Exotic Wagers in Sports

What Are Exotic Wagers – Bookie 101Sportsbook pay per head providers usually offer exotic bets during significant sporting events, such as the Super Bowl. As a bookie, you must provide exotic bets occasionally. During the Super Bowl, you can offer bets on just about anything, from who will score a touchdown first or how many songs will be performed during the halftime show.

The best exotic wagers attract the most action, according to an online bookie software company. Also, it keeps players talking about the bets after they are done. During the game, you can offer wagers on off-field events. Some examples include how many times the coach will throw down his clipboard. After the game, you can provide exotic bets, such as the MVP or the color of the Gatorade dumped on the coach.

You can offer exotics during entertainment and political events. For instance, you can wager on the result of the presidential elections or the result of a TV show. Although it is hard to analyze, players love exotics. Often, the results are random, but the build-up towards them can be very exciting.

Make sure you read pay per head reviews to find PPH solutions offering exotics or prop betting.

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