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Weekend Preview: 144th Kentucky Derby and NBA Playoff Action

Kentucky Derby

Cavs Up 2-0 Looking For Sweep; Can Sixers Mount a Comeback? 144th Kentucky Derby Preview

Ok NBA fans, you have a conundrum on your hands, who has had a worse showing in the playoffs to this point? The Toronto Raptors or the OKC Thunder? The Thunder were terrible but it seems we have our answer. What the Raptors have done to this point is nothing but stink up the joint and it’s their own joint.

Who would have thought, or much less predicted, the Cavs to show up after a pressing seven game series with the Indiana Pacers? They are putting the screws to the Raptors in the opening two games in Toronto. Just an unbelievable mess the Raptors have found themselves in. It promises to not get easier.


NBA – Built for Betting on Live LinesCav’s going for Front Door Sweep

Not only did LeBron show up and throw down on the Raptors so did the sidekick Kevin Love. Love went off for 31 points and eleven assists. Lebron came to ball and he rocked the joint and the raptors with 43 points and 14 assists. LeBron was nails, clutch, and he put on a show.

It was epic LeBron and the Cavs have now won five straight in Toronto.

This was supposed to have been the Raptors year wasn’t it? They had everything going perfectly for them. Especially with DeRozan and company playing the way they were. Then come along the Cavs and dump in the birthday cake. This was a shameful beat down that should never have taken place on the Raptors floor.


NBA is Rockin’ in Toronto – Semifinals are Off and Toronto is the Epicenter

LeBron was supposedly tired after the series with Indiana. He even went for suction cup therapy to loosen up and hopefully get back to his game. Well, he did and in grand fashion! His game went nowhere and in fact it was better than ever.

The Raptors can mount a comeback but they are going to need to dig very deep and find some heart. After Thursday’s loss they may not have a whole lot of heart left. If you have not yet seen the series price or the game prices for the upcoming weekend, then it’s an absolute must that you check with your bookie of choice and jump in with a few bucks to ante up the excitement.


Why Have More than One Sportsbook?

The Philadelphia 76ers find themselves in the same boat as the Raptors. Well, sort of…  At least the Sixers are on their way home as they try to sort out a 2-0 deficit themselves. The Sixers are young and they do play with heart. They also play with swagger that Toronto has failed to find.

There is certainly no lock and no guarantee but this one is close to it. The Sixers have the player personnel to get back in this series. With the teams youth and grit, they will put up a fight. With a starting five that consists of Saric, Covington, Embiid, Simmons, and Redick, you can count on a solid effort back in Philly.

The weekend is locked and loaded for some fantastic NBA Playoff basketball. The line movers are shoring it up as we speak. It’s up to you to beat them at their own game. Do your research find a great, game advisor site and win some money.


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