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NBA is Rockin’ in Toronto

Nba Playoffs In Toronto

NBA Playoff Semifinals are Off and Toronto is the Epicenter

The NBA Playoffs are heating up and round two has featured better than great games. The Cavaliers stole the first game in Toronto and that changes the landscape of this series completely. What was once thought of to be the Raptors series to lose has turned into the Raptors needing a “must win” on Thursday.

Tuesday night’s game was a battle the entire way and the fourth quarter was fierce. These two went after each other all quarter long in an effort to get the upper hand, neither team was backing down and overtime was just as good.

Once again, LeBron was the savior as he poured in a triple-double and hit the game winner in overtime.


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LeBron’s story never changes, the guy is a fierce competitor and he lives for the moment. Toronto needs to think twice before going to sleep on the Cav’s and for sure not going to sleep on LJ.

This series is going to get better. These two teams have no love for each other. What happens on Thursday will either swing the series in Cleveland’s way or put the ball back in Toronto’s court. The early line for this game is Toronto -6.5 and 212 for the total. Check with your favorite bookmaker for the latest.

Remember that live lines can be the best way to go in the NBA. Live lines not only give the bettor a chance to get the money back if something goes wrong early. They also offer an opportunity to bet several times during the course of a game.

There is a lot of money to be made playing the live and dynamic lines. Be sure and check with your book and make sure they offer them.


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The Sixers and the Celtic also get after it on Thursday. If the first game is an indicator of things to come, then Philly needs to pick up the pace a lot. They not only have to run with the Celtics, but make them play at a different pace.

The Sixers win when the game is fast. The offense has to be up-tempo and they make the other team play at their pace. If this game gets slow and becomes a grind-it-out kind of affair, then they have a long road ahead of them, or should we say a rather short load.

If the Philadelphia 76ers win this game it will be due to their big men in the middle. They are difficult to defend. This Celtics team has not missed a beat with injuries. Although this could have been a tragic this year, the Celtics always seem to overcome.

The Celtics got the big win on Monday night and they look to continue as they go back up againd  the Celtic or the Astros win a title.


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In basketball playoffs, the local bookies are seeking to win the big wagers. This week will pick-up a lot of steam when winning lot of games could hurt them. Get your bets in now and live a little. Most of all have fun and wager within your means.


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The opening round of the NBA playoffs officially came to an end on Sunday. Cleveland’s 105-101 victory against Indiana in Game 7 as a 5.5-point home favorite. The Cavaliers will now face the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference starting on Tuesday night in Game 1 of a best- of-seven semifinals matchup against the Toronto Raptors. Betting Update

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This year’s NBA Playoffs have lived up to the billing. They have been high scoring, fast paced and loaded with action. LeBron moves on to yet another round two, in his illustrious career. He has seen a lot of round two’s, round threes and has been the NBA Finals MVP. NBA Betting Action

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