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The Unstoppable Rise of Online Gaming

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Online Gaming Is Feuled by Thirty-Somethings

Online gaming has been hitting headlines recently with the introduction of innovations such as the Oculus Rift. This is further escalated by next-generation console titles like The Dark Souls III among other titles. And if this trend is anything to go by in 2017, then it means that online gaming will still dominate the future of gaming trends.

Statistics give us a clue on where the industry is headed.

We pulled out some major figures from the Entertainment Software Association concerning gaming trends in the industry. The survey took into consideration some 4000 households in America. The aim of the survey was to find out how many Americans, on average, played games frequently. It also focused on what kinds of games they played. In addition to this, the survey sought to find out who these gamers really were.

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These findings were interested in identifying key trends in the computer and video game industry in 2016. The survey indicated that 63% of American households had at least one frequent gamer. 65% of American households owned at least one video game device. Another 48% owned a dedicated device for playing games.

The most interesting fact was that most of these players fell between the ages of 18 and 49. Young adults fall in this age group. It’s easy to see why a big part of the population is getting involved in gaming.

Their buying habits

This research echoed some of the things that happen in the gambling industry as well. For instance, those who frequently purchased online games were 38 years of age. This is a prime age where people get to be financially-stable in their various walks of careers. This makes it easy for them to afford various forms of gaming.  No matter if it was PC video games or casino games.

Accessing a casino online is now easier than ever. Restrictions have been practically eliminated except in a few countries which are proving to give the industry a real pain.

And if these stats are anything to go by, then we can also conclude that online gaming is attracting more than just the stereotype teenage player. If guys as old as 49 years are playing games through PCs, gaming consoles or smart phones, then the same thing could be said about the online casino players in general, thanks to the fact that online games have since been gamified to reflect the exact thing that other online games are giving.

The type of games that are preferred by the population.

While slot machines are very popular due to their attractiveness and potential incentives of getting engaged with them, other popular game types like first-person-shooter games are not showing any signs of slowing down. The same thing can be said about role-playing games as well as basic types such as puzzle games. All these games are now considered popular on the web.

Finally, studies now show that an increasing number of individuals are using mobile devices to play casino games online. It therefore remains that citizens who reside in countries that don’t allow it are the ones on the receiving end of these oppressive laws. Otherwise, everyone else stands to gain from the rising trend.


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