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UK Athletics Banned an Ultrarunner for a Year After Using a Car in a Race

The UK Athletics banned an ultrarunner for twelve months. The organization found Joasia Zakrzewski guilty of riding a car during a 50-mile race from Manchester to Liverpool on April 7. Thus, she accepted the disciplinary action.

According to bookie PPH sources, the panel determined that Zakrzewski should not have accepted and kept the third-place trophy because she had not disclosed to race marshals that she had been offered a ride in a car and had finished part of the race on a non-competitive basis.

After a hearing, the panel decided that Zakrzewski would not be allowed to compete in any event UK Athletics oversees for the following year. Also, she cannot use the British flag while doing so.

UK Athletics Banned an Ultrarunner for a Year

Uk Athletics Banned An Ultrarunner For A Year After Using A Car In A Race

She cannot participate in coaching, officiating, or management roles during the same time period. Data analysis performed after the race revealed discrepancies in Zakrzewski’s timing. She blamed her tiredness and jet lag from arriving the night before from Australia for her “huge blunder” of accepting the third-place plaque.

According to sports betting news reports, Zakrzewski got confused, and her leg hurt around the race’s midway point. Thus, she hitched a lift with a friend to the next checkpoint.

Zakrzewski was convinced to keep going and consented to run in a non-competitive fashion. Also, she denied acting dishonestly and claimed she had never planned to cheat in the report written by the disciplinary panel. According to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sites, Doctor Zakrzewski represented Scotland and Great Britain at international competitions. Also, she can file an appeal.

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