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Virtual Reality Gaming

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are Evolving Quickly

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are a huge part of the growth and exponential changes to the gaming industry and things don’t expect to change. The rapid growth in technology has been apparent in the field of gaming. If you look back at the 80s decade that was the time when gaming enthusiasts would look forward to playing machines. With PCs, consoles and now 24/7 mobile gaming facilities, the face of gaming has witnessed much progress.

Today, you can simply log into a top gaming site from anywhere around the world and enjoy relentless thrill and fun playing your choicest game online. With VR and AR gears, gaming has become increasingly realistic even when played on machines and mobiles. Playing quintessential games such as Roulette and other casino games don’t require players to physically visit a casino; the virtual platform is well-equipped to provide players with the ultimate comfort of real-time gaming.

Technology is advancing each day and here’s how the future of the gaming industry is set to look like.

Amplified (VR) Virtual Reality application

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been reshaping the gaming industry in several ways. The introduction of the PlayStation VR received massive appreciation in the internet gaming industry. Other than this, some of the best VR headsets launched in the market so far include the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The rapid growth of VR and the demand for blending VR and AR with AI have been beneficial to the player population in terms of innovation and convenience. 

You can expect the next level to reach your hands soon with Oculus already having announced touch-based controllers to be launched. This technology will dual up with the already existing headset from the company to duplicate your hand movements. This means you can enjoy enhanced control on your games and enjoy the comfort of gaming for hours flawlessly. Close to this technology is the hand tracking device from Leap Motion which can be fixed onto your VR headset. This can track your hand movements and enable you to stay hands-free when gaming.

Augmented (Ar) Reality Is Changing How We Game.

User-friendly technology in Augmented (AR) Reality

To minimize limitations of movement posed by VR, some companies have launched foot driven VR controllers. So, now you don’t have to worry about bumping into something or someone when enjoying your VR space. You can safely perform all your freaky gaming actions fearlessly.

Heavy handheld consoles have posed a challenge and now with the Nintendo’s switch, things look brighter. It has made gaming portable with the touchscreen, easy to detach controllers and dedicated slots.

For gamers who find it convenient to use mobile phones for gaming anywhere, anytime, developers have been trying to fix issues of restricted touch and pressure by making them more sensitive with 3D touch and multi-touch possibilities.

To make gaming more socially appealing, multiplayer VR is being considered as lucrative. What you experience now as in this format of the game is limited with only a few players having access to the hardware. With more players joining the VR network, the demand is expected to increase and the cost of VR per person to reduce substantially enabling an enriching multiplayer gaming platform.

With portable consoles, you can now cherish PS3 games on your PlayStations seamlessly. Cross-play is becoming popular with the rising demand and soon you might be easily shifting your game to any device without any separate investment.

The future is bright for these types of technologies and it will be a thrill ride to see where it takes the gaming community. As quick as technology changes in today’s world there is no reason we shouldn’t expect ground-breaking innovations at a quick pace.


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