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Three PC Games Sports Fans Should Consider Playing in 2022

Sports Pc Games To Watch For

PC Games about Sports are Still Very Popular

Sports PC Games are going strong. Gone are the days in which gamers would have to travel to their nearest video arcade or internet café to participate in their favourite hobby. Today, the creation of gaming consoles, computers, and mobile devices has made gaming a much more accessible activity for the twenty-four million gamers that take part in the hobby in South Africa, with many online games for sports fans to take part in.

Unlike their physical counterparts, sports games enable sports fans to better their decision-making skills, connect with other sporting fans, play with people of all ages, and many other benefits. Plus, due to its ever-increasing popularity, there are hundreds of sporting-related games for fans to play. From sports-themed online casino games to car racing games, we’ve listed several games sports fans should consider playing in 2022 below:

Football-Themed Gambling PC Games

It doesn’t take an avid football fan to realise that football is the most popular sport in the world, generating an impressive amount of football-themed merchandise, games, and much more. So much so that football’s impact has even infiltrated the world of online gambling, with the development of several football-themed slot games.

Football-related slot machines are an excellent way for fans to entertain themselves during the off-season period, with the incentive of generating a little bit of extra income on the side. Some of the most-played football-themed slot games include Super Striker, Bicicleta, Football Glory, Hot Shots, and many others.

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You can find these and other sports-related on online casino sites like Jackpot Casinos, which has a complete catalogue of games, how-to guides, game recommendations, and much more. Consider visiting their site or looking at their top-related sports-themed games for more recommendations today.

Golf With Your Friends

Although a typical game of golf consists of one to four players, Golf With Friends allows you to make your way through multiple themed courses with as many as eleven other players without ever having to step on the putting green.

As the game progresses, you and your friends can use power-ups to hinder your opponents, like giving your shots a boost with Double Jump or using Honey Trap to stop friends’ balls in their tracks.

Like most sporting games, real-life knowledge of the game is not required to have fun playing Golf With Friends. With its simple gameplay, you must pick a direction, decide how hard/softly to hit the ball, and hope that your efforts pay off.

Rocket League PC Games

Combining sports fans’ love of car racing and football, Rocket League is considered one of the best modern-day football games, generating tons of praise and favourable reviews globally. Unlike a traditional football game, Rocket Leagues replaces a twenty-two-player game with six rocket-powered cars that can flip, fly, and race towards victory.

Minus the scripted gameplay and pay-to-win mechanics, Rocket League is enjoyable for all ages, free to play, and features cross-platform play on every console. If you’ve ever wanted to combine Formula One, FIFA, and Mario Kart, boot up Steam and download Rocket League today.


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