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The Different Sportsbook Player Types

Aside from building relationships with players and managing cash flow, you also need to market your bookie business. However, you must create a marketing plan that attracts the right players. In case you didn’t know, there are different sportsbook player types – from recreational players to sharps.

An online bookie software can help you monitor all players’ activities. You can use the information to adjust their betting or credit limits. Also, it allows you to see the sports they wager on, and their betting rate.

Sportsbook Player Types

Here are some of the common types of sports bettors and their characteristics:

The Different Sportsbook Player Types

Recreational Players – They are the most common types of players. We recommend targeting them with your marketing campaigns because they tend to be careless with their bets. Most of them don’t research before wagers. Also, most recreational bettors bet on popular teams, which makes it easier to balance your lines.

The Addicts – They can’t say no to betting. When running an online bookie business, you should be on a lookout for these guys. They tend to get into huge debts and ruin their lives. If you suspect someone with problem gambling, limit their account and assist them in seeking help.

Sharps – Another type of player to avoid are the sharps. Your bookie business will suffer serious cash flow problems if most of the players are sharps. They view sports betting as an investment and analyze everything before betting.

Numbers Players – They believe that numbers don’t lie. They trust numbers from historical stats to betting trends. However, they forget the other factors that can affect the results of the games. As a result, their winning rate is lower than that of sharps.

These are some of the common types of players. You should know how to identify the kinds of players if you want to learn how to be a bookie. That way, you can attract the right players to your sportsbook.

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