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The 14TH Annual NFL Handicapping Classic Presented by ApuestaEntodo Sportsbook — Prizes of Over $10,000!!

Presented by ApuestaEntodo Sportsbook


Online Gambling at ApuestaEntodo

Welcome to the 14th Annual NFL Handicapping Classic. This Contest has been around for a long time and was started in 2000 by The General and Spooky at When General left for a job offer at another site Dirty and Spooky kept it running at Freewinners until 2005. In the fall of 2005 the Contest followed Dirty and General to their new place of employment, EOG, and was ran for 3 football season. With the Opening of Gambling IQ the contest kept going for the next 4 years. And after a One year Hiatus, and Dirty and The General reunited again, the Best NFL Regular Season Contest is back for its 14th Edition!!!

Thank You for visiting Handicappers Hideaway, one of the fastest growing online sports gambling forums.

  • Entry fee is Free but We will have an added prize pool for depositors explained below.
  • Register at Handicappers Hideaway forums and start posting.
  • Go to and open an account
  • Private Message or Email Dirty at when you register at the book. I will add it to a spreadsheet to be updated daily.
  • I will add your name to the list and if you deposit Once it is confirmed I will update the prize pool
  • Please Post in the Official Contest thread that you have emailed me so it does not get Lost in my Junk Mail Folder



  • The Contest will Start on Thursday, September 10, 2015 and will run for the 17 weeks of the NFL Season
  • Picks Thread Each Week will be in the Contest Post Review Section so players can’t copy plays from another contestant
  • Each player will make 5 selections (sides or Totals) each week. That is 85 Total plays for each poster for the Season
  • If there is a Thursday or Saturday Game the Pick must be in by Game time. Otherwise all Plays have to be posted by 1:00 PM EST on Sunday of Each Week (Including the MNF game). ANY LATE PLAYS WILL BE COUNTED AS A LOSS
  • Any week you don’t make plays or the required number of plays they will be counted as Losses.
  • All Lines will be posted by Wednesday of Each week and will not be changed. In the case that a game is off the board it will be added as soon as it becomes available.
  • Highest Winning Percentage will determine the winners.
  • If there is a tie at the End of the Season we will go each week into the playoffs until there is a Winner. (Prizes can be split if agreed upon by each party
  • If any other Problems arise other than covered in these rules then the ATB Moderators will make a ruling. That decision is Final!!!!


  • Prize Pool will Start out at $10,000. It will be paid out in Cash with a 8X rollover. This money is available to everyone who enters the contest.
  • There will be an added prize pool for people who deposit at least $100.
  • If you deposit $100 then that money will be added to the prize pool as Cash Money and will have no rollovers and is immediately available to be withdrawn. The money will be moved from your account into a special contest account to hold the money.
  • If no one that deposited places in the prize money then we will pay out spots for the highest depositing players. If 2nd place deposited and 1st place didn’t then 2nd place will get the 1st percentage for deposited money. Ex. If none of the top prize winners did not deposit and the top finishers of depositing players were 5th, 8th, 10th then we would split the cash added to the pool between those players.
  • The sponsor books also will be giving a 20% CASH bonus with a 8X rollover PLUS Reduced Juice!!. That is your money to play with as you wish. Ex. Deposit $500 you will get a bonus of $100 in the forum of a free play. $100 will be moved to the contest account. You will then have $400 you deposited plus the $100 in bonus money for a grand total of $500 to wager with.
  • Every person that deposits will qualify for the total prize money. That means the $10K plus the added funds. Ex. $10K already in the pot and we get 20 people to deposit $100 that will be $2K added to the pot for a total prize of $12K. If a player doesn’t deposit then he only qualifies for the $10K in initial prize money. Any deposited monies are available for withdrawal immediately and not subject to any rollover. This should be good enough incentive to deposit.
  • Ways to deposit will be made available soon.
  • Prize payouts will be 65/25/10%. We will increase the places paid out depending on the number of deposits we have. 11-20 deposits we will pay out 55/25/15/5% and 21 plus deposits we will pay out 50/20/15/10/5%. If we get more than 30 deposits we will look at expanding to another place.


  1. $6500
  2. $2500
  3. $1000

** Payouts will change as explained above.


Online Gambling at ApuestaEntodo

Online Gambling at ApuestaEntodo

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